22 December 2013

Trans Borneo ride -Part 1

Every once in a while, you'd have to go for a long ride.As usual we like to visit new places and explore new things so the plan was to ride in the island of Borneo.Initially we planned to ride from KK in Sabah, around the state ,then to Brunei and finally through Sarawak and end in Kuching .We got the transport and paperwork done and it was all systems go.All we had to do was wait for the due date.

1 week before depature Han calls and suggests visiting Indonesia. We didn't include this in our plan as to ride into Indonesia we would need a carnet. But he got info that says , to ride in Kalimantan from Sarawak no carnet is necessary.We would need to get letters from the Malaysian and Indonesian governments though.We both jumped at the chance ,and so started numerous phonecalls ,emails, sms's  to various government departments in both countries.We were lucky as officals in both countries were very helpful.  
2 days before depature we got all the letters ,except one.A quick meeting and we decided to try our luck anyway to enter Indonesia.

And so started our adventure .............

Day 0

Transport of the bikes before our flight.

Through this guys...

We got our bikes tied down securely.....

Ready to fly   ha ha ha

Time to load.

The bikes reached KK safely and were ready for us to pick them up on arrival.

Day 1

Early morning flight.Thanks to our friends Apit and Adimz who dropped us off at the airport.

First sighting of East Malaysia.

Beautiful weather in KK

Standing in Borneo  :-)

A short walk to the cargo section.

Safely stored in Sabah

20 min later we rode to our hotel

1st ride was exactly 1.2km.   ha ha ha

We didn't know how long the bike clearance would take so we planned to stay a day in KK

Also we wanted to explore KK.
Checkout the funky gear shift.

We drove a bit out of town

Views along the way.

We wanted to visit here...

So cool

The main reason we wanted to visit here was.........................

To see the original types of longhouses and attire of the native tribes in this part of Borneo

Something that you would not see nowadays unless you go deep into the interior jungles.

Nice grounds.

Our first native house.

Dusun tribe.

See the upstairs loft.

Quarters for the unmarried girls.

Rice wine served.......

Nicol Davids sister ????????

Local delicacies.

The stove.

See , wood fire.....see...

Such an interesting sight of the wood fire ha ha ha

Cooking utensils

Nice experience.

Tuak  :-)

Not done here yet :-)

Bee girl

The next house

Where else can you see this.

Back to the  bee girl.They prepare nests for the bees.And harvest the honey

All natural items used.


Natural woodcut stairs.

Interior of the Rungus house



Rungus tribesman

They also do a lot of beadwork.

Nice huh

Next house

Checkout the crocodile



These are the original headhunters

Tools of the trade.

Old carvings on the stone.

We haven't even started our ride, and on the first day here my Canon G12 DIES !!!!!
In this interesting place.Crap.
Luckily i have a backup compact camera.
But that is in the room.
So almost all the pics from today are from my handphone. :-(

Bajau tribe

All the houses are unique

Excuse the crap pics.


Nice  :-)


Chicken in the kitchen.
Who ever can guess the purpose of the chicken will get a free teh tarik.
No ,its not for dinner.

The last and most vicious tribe-Murut.


They ask you what you want at the entrance...

Springboard inside the house

They jump 12 feet up to get this.


Actual tribesman.

A last look

Then we were treated to a show of their tribal dances.

First the girls.

Then both.

Crap handphone pics :-(

Then the boys.

Very cool.

Then they feed you  :-)

Subsequently we took a drive around KK

Water village.

The state mosque

Then we came here.

Atkinson tower.


Then here.....

To the view point

Views of Kota Kinabalu

Dusk in Borneo

By the bay....

Nice huh............

KK city mosque

After a long day flying,getting the bikes,touring,finally............food.

We were joined by Arif Yulyanto ,a tayargolek.com fan.
New friendships were made and he would be joining us for part of our ride tomorrow.

A great day  .

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