26 December 2013

Trans Borneo ride - Part 5

Day 8

Today is a rest day.

After the hell roads yesterday ,we both need it.

Pontianak :-) :-)

GPS button fell off last night. Duct tape again.

In the morning ,late , :-)   we took in the sights.

Kapuas river. longest in Indonesia..

Effect of the recent rains.


Full capacity here.

Streets of Ponti .............

Small floods everywhere.

Our first stop.

The Royal Palace.

From the late 1770+

Undergoing renovation now.

Still nice though.

How apt .......ha ha ha

More streets of Ponti...

This guy told us many stories about Ponti.  Wait for the video at tayargolek.com

From the palace we drove to the next attraction.....

The exploration of Pontianak continues  :-)

Kids  playing......................

Almost at the 2nd stop.....

Here we are.


Its very big.

Ha ha.....

Right next to the river. Imagine 250 years ago

Unique architecture.

A lot of poverty here.

But at this age its plaaaaaaaaaay

Boatman for pedestrians.

Nice. Next................

Is here.

To see the Equatorial monument .

That one  ha ha ha

Nice huh.

This is the original piece that stood here.

Times past.....

Its been around for a long time.

Eventhough we're tired

we still try to see as much as possible....

Even if its just the streets.

Stopped for a coffee.
Back ,massage ,nap ,dinner, massage again and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 9

Today is our last day riding.

Early morning streets of Ponti

Like Vietnam.

So many bikes. 

But worse as the bikes and cars are all together.

In Vietnam they are separate.

Filling up also traffic :-P

Back on the road  ha ha ha

Finally we're out of town.

This time we took the 2nd route.

It may be long but not a hell road.

Short break.

3 happy kids.     3 really.........

See ha ha ha

And with the sun out.....

even the windy bits will be fun  , dry !!

We are headed to Kuching.

This guy horned.

Works here.

Also the border crossing............

Leaving will be quite fast.

Another break here.

Next to some ponds.

Back on the bikes...........

A nice relaxed ride.

Remember ''hukum adat ''   ??

Still we ride.


So much better than when we came.

Another stop.......

These guys pulled up chairs for us and we had a nice long chat.... 

Next to the petrol.  ha ha

Check this out. Only in Indonesia.....Dunhill 

Kretek  .....so cool. We thought it was lights.....  ha ha ha

Still we ride.

Thank god our bikes have good fuel consumption.

Else its bottled fuel.

Check out the load.

And the views.....

Almost at the end.

Finally...Entikong. Quick in and out. about 20-30 mins tops.

Good bye Indonesia. 
We really enjoyed visiting. 
And we'll never forget your roads.  

Back home :-)

A break here after all the formalities.

Our last stretch.

Malaysian roads.....such joy.

A quick stop.

ha ha ha.  The smell haunted us from Sabah itself on down. 

Finally Kuching.

I cannot describe how we felt on reaching our hotel. 
We made it .
Words are not enough.
The ride is over.The trip isn't .
Tomorrow we tour Kuching.

First a kiss for our babies  :-)

We made it  !!!!

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