23 December 2013

Trans Borneo ride -Part 2

                                                                              Day 2

                                                The  next morning our buddy Arif  met us at our hotel

From there we rode north.

Through the streets of KK

Till we came to this road with a view.

Finding a layby we stopped for a while.

Pic time ha ha.
Bikes still shiny huh :-)

Look in the distance ?

Beautiful !

That's the tip of Mount Kinabalu

Zoom max.....

A last look and its time to ride.

3 riders

Lovely roads around KK

Soon we left the city.

And now we could enjoy the views and the road.

And what a view.

We stopped right on a bridge here.

Local villages .

Because of this :-)

After having our fill , its back on the road again.

Lovely roads and well surfaced. Hell would be much later :-)

Like in Thailand the towns have interesting roundabouts.

See ??

Our first planned stop was here in Tuaran.

To see this. ha ha ha

The upside down house. Funny :-)

We didn't go in as the wait was too long and we were too hot.

With its upside down garage.

Back on the bike to cool down.

Ever northwards.........

Our buddy had to leave us at Tuaran. Thanks for everything bro. It was a pleasure to ride with you .

And then there were 2.

Great roads .

After a long time we found a place for a break.

Read what is says on the can. ha ha ha

Mana leng lui ???????

Nice and cool here.

On the bike .

We have a couple of targets today.

Nice huh.

Our target now is the tip of Borneo . 

Still lovely roads.

Off the main roads.

Here the signs say right, our GPS says left. 

So left it was.....stupid GPS

The roads became gravel but still ok.....

Until we came to this.We didn't know how deep it was. A passing bike gave us an idea. Its a 2 step depth. See the video below.


                                    Soon we reached the correct road. The signs were right after all.


Unfortunately we have to walk the last 300m.


Nice huh.

Hate walking!

Target 1- success !


Welcome to the tip of Borneo :-)

Shot with my crap camera.

Look at the views .

If you walk down here.....

That's the actual tip.....

A last look...

Time to ride.

Look at that !!!

Boss kat depan :-)

The exploration of Borneo.

Ha ha ...see that...

ol skool 

Climbing up now.

Target 2

A short stop to enjoy the view .

Mission accomplished- my bike in front of Gunung Kinabalu.

New desktop ha ha

Brothers in arms .

Target 2- success


See  :-) :-) :-)

A last look ...

Back on the bike...it started to get foggy.Altitude 1650m !!

After a cold,foggy,dark ride we finally reached our hotel.

Dinner, facebook and crash  ha ha ha 

Day 3

The next morning we could see our surroundings.

We chose this hotel for a reason.

Frosty  :-)

This is the reason.

A perfect view of Gunung Kinabalu.

So cool.

Ha ha  :-)

Nice huh .

How to buy this pic ?

Can't. Have to earn it .

A last look .

One hour later after breakfast. Same view. Ha ha. We were lucky to get clear shots yesterday and today.

Its not just the riding.

Its about...

exploration ,

and history and culture.

This is the Kundansang war memorial

Dedicated to the soldiers who died in the .....

...Sandakan Death Marches.

Soldiers from Britain ,Australia and Borneo....

Are honoured here.

The Australian garden.

Take the steps up.

To the British garden.

And lastly the Borneo garden.

Further up...

..............is this hall.

Which looks at Mount Kinabalu (currently covered in clouds)

Roll call of the heroes.

Who gave their lives.

So long ago.

For us !!!!!!

A fitting tribute.

Looking over the town.

And at the mountain.

A last look...

And back on the bike.

Riding in the highlands.

With views.....

And great roads.

So cool to ride here.

Nice huh.

Perfect roads.

And views.

Today is a long ride.

Look at that la...

People everywhere waved as we passed .

A great day to ride.

Funny story...we stopped here for the great view.

               But there was a police road block 50 m away. They were wondering what we were up to .

                                                   So one of the officers came up to chat with us.

He was quite surprised at our plans.

More views here...

And here.

Cause our new friend was busy.  ha ha ha

Goodbyes, goodluck ,and on the bike.

Again nice roads.


Village houses.

Nice huh.

Target 1 for today.

To see this.

Undergoing renovation though.

Memorial stone..

This is what makes a people and state. Its history .

Back on the bike ...

Now we have to cross the highlands again

Twisties ,

Cold ,

Fog ,

Highest altitude was 1970m . 

So cool

Nice huh ?

Our own Alps :-)

And rain .

No matter what we'll ride. 

Slippery roads

Soon we came down a bit.

Time for a hot drink

And fuel  :-)

Rain again ,so no on the bike pics. 
Senyum ye :-)

In the evening we reached the sea.

Nice .

Rough seas though.

See the sea ?

As we were relaxing here.....

This 4x4 pulls up.

Meet bro Johanis(Motor Lawe-Lawe).
Another reader of Tayargolek.com had arranged to meet us at the Sabah/Sarawak border. 
He told all his biker friends and this bro was one of them, and he happened to see us here.

After a short chat ,it was on the bike.

At the border  there were already a group of bikers waiting.

Freddy and Zai( this is the bro who went out of his way to help us)  

In the end all the Lawas bikers were fantastic and they can teach all of us the meaning of biker brotherhood.

Great guys.

Our escort into Lawas.

On the bike.

Nice huh.

We finally reached our hotel. 

Checked in    :-P

And then the bros there treated us to dinner and TT.

They also arranged with bikers on our way to meet us.

Really great guys the Lawas bikers and we had a great dinner and chat.
Subsequently hit our room and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thanks  Lawas bros .

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