22 August 2015

Malaysian beach escapade

A couple of months back, we decided to take a break from the rat race. 
Instead of going for a holiday and seeing the sights ,this time we decided to park ourselves in one place and just relax

Checking in

As we walk to the room...

This is the view.

The kiddies pool. 

Adults only pool. Spent most of the time here.

Heading to the rooms.

Nice huh.

Chalets on stilts.....

...on the water.

I got the room furthest out.

For this...

A view of the open sea.

Huge open bathroom.

My neighbour got it right  :-)

The lounge for some guest only.

Heading to the lounge.

Free food and drinks.

With a great sunken lounge.

All we did was eat...


She just chased the peacock.....the tail is on the left.   :-)


Surrounded on both sides by beaches.

Spent some time on the courts.

The sunsets were spectacular.

More eating...

with a view

Swim and...

...sit on the balcony.

The next few days were spent here...

...and eating.

As i said...

...the sunsets....

...were fantastic.
Recharge and the back to work.


30 April 2015

A new chapter - 4 wheels.

We saw a recent addition to the family.
A Lotus Elise S.
Its not a supercar. 
But its a sports car.
The ''S'' stands for supercharger.

Part 1

Finally home  :-)

Its really low.

A good reason to lose weight.

Even before i picked up the car ,i has some accessorizing done.

The finished product  :-)

Part 2

So with the car comes the club.
The first event was , they booked the entire hall to watch ''THE'' movie  :-)

A meet up a few days earlier at the club house.

The movie hall.

Very cool .

Our first event with Lotus.....Classy

Part 3

Later , this was arranged.

Meet up...

2 pretty ladies

All colours  :-)



All Lotus models...

...and colours.

RV point.

and briefing.

Time to move.

Godzilla !!!!

I thought it will be a somewhat sedate drive. See the blue car.
I was soooooooooo  wrong  :-)

Now see the blue car  ha ha ha

Finally caught up.

We're headed to Slim River.

At a good clip.

Average 160 -200.

I'm still running in  :-(

Its a good thing there are 6 gears.

Front and back.

Lovely Malaysian highways.

A fuel stop.

Wide body kit  :-)

Back on the road.

Off the highway...

One of the official photographers.

On to the B roads.

Audi A7 

As for me...i was chilling with my tunes  :-)
From F&F  ha ha ha

So was the Mrs.

Then we took these cars into the wild....

Single lane bridge.

Sports cars huh....

OOooooooooo   off road  ha ha ha


Lots of colour.

My babies.

Hmmmm  planes ???

This is the Bernam airfield.

A very nice paint job.

For later.

Interior of the plane.


The chalets near the airfield.

The plan is this....

First there will be joyrides in the 2 planes.
**  off road in a Lotus  :-)  

Then an autocross...
Followed by dinner.

The runway ,where we all gunned it till the end.


Hospitality tents.

Red.......... :-)

The planes making a fly by. 

Ready for the first passenger.

Its an amphibian.


After everyone had flown...came the autocross.

When it rained , they were even happier. 

Switch off the traction control...

...and have fun.

I skipped it as my engine is still being run in.

Figure 8

Later in the evening there was a  photo op.


The cars and the plane together. 

Very cool.

Plane and cars

Late evening we gathered back at the hanger .

For dinner.

And what a great dinner.

A very well organised event.

And i over ate  ha ha ha.

A very interesting day.