24 December 2013

Trans Borneo ride- Part 3

Day 4

Yesterday it was raining and getting dark when we arrived..... 

...so ,today we could appreciate our surroundings. 

I really like Lawas as its scenic and a small quiet town.

Early morning views.

Nice huh.

The towns mascot...

No condos' though.........ha ha ha

Our digs.

Look at the view of the river.

Nice huh.

The Lawas bikers met up with us in the morning again.

They came bearing gifts for this visiting duo...

I really don't know what to say. Thank you to all our Lawas Bros. 

Freddy's other ride.

When we left the bros escorted us out to the main route...

Sights of the town.

Once out of town, we said goodbye...

and then there were 2 again...

We're headed to Brunei..

Here we reach the 1st border crossing.

Totally today there are 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brunei infront...

Hell yeah :-)

Nicer roads ...

Thumbs up.

Views of some of the towns around.

Lovely roads.


The end of the road is called -Ujung jalan....ha ha ha

We are probably the last few to experience this...

Potong line ha ha ha

This ferry.

As the bridge was opened a couple of days later.

Back in Sarawak...

Opposite side queue.

After this its back into Brunei again. Pening ha ha ha

Riding in Sarawak...


Nice huh.

Great weather.

Checkpoint no 5.

After that its all Brunei. 

Thataway ha ha ha

Last checkpoint.

A short break after all the borders.....

Riding in Brunei proper.

All the way to the capital.

For people used to KL.....there is NO traffic here.   ha ha ha

Reached our hotel.

Bath,change, on the taxi ..   :-)

First we came to the river...

Hire a boat...

.....to visit the village behind Han.

The Water village(Kampung Ayer)

This is the site of the original settlement of Brunei  .

Upgraded but still maintained till today.

Houses...nice huh.

We motored to the end of the village.

There behind our Captain.

Now to the other side.

The people who stay here...have normal jobs...

Imagine cycling on this .

Anyway they park their car on the mainland...and drive to work..

Fire station.



A nice cruise and very interesting.

From there we came here...

To see the floating mosque.

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque 

Nice huh.

Replica of the royal barge.

Then drive around town...

To come here.

The Jame Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque 

Huge and beautiful.

Lastly we visited the Royal Regalia museum.

You can only take pics in the lobby.

So after visiting all the rooms.

Now the cameras are out.

Nice huh.


The Royal chariot.

So cool.

Amazing detail.

ha ha ha.....

What a nice experience....

On the way back we stopped in front of the Palace.

Its only open to the public during  Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Long day. We went back to the hotel and crashed early. Later on we realised that there were numerous phone calls from a Brunei no.  The phone was on silent so we missed it. Then we get a call from the lobby. The Brunei bikers took the trouble to come to our hotel even though we missed the phone calls. Thinking that it was a short meet the camera was left in the room. They were great guys and invited us to their clubs get together that night.. Our gear was wet from the whole days rain so we told them that. One of the bros went home and got his car. Then they took us for dinner with their club Pemoda.  It is the biggest (800 members) and oldest (18 years) club in Brunei.  We met the president and  club members and had a great time with them. They told us about the roads to Indonesia and gave us some important contacts to get into Indonesia.

Bro Zai who invited us.And took so much effort to make us welcome. Great guy.

Crap handphone pic. 

The president of Pemoda. Another great guy.

New friends. 

After everything they did, they gave us gifts .

Some of the nicest bikers i've met are from Brunei. 
We got our wings. :-) :-)

After a great dinner and talk they sent us back and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
What a great night with a bunch of great guys. 

Day 5

The next morning one of the Permoda members came to escort us on our way.

Hmmmmmm    maybe they want to make sure we leave town for good ha ha ha

Great guys.And such brotherhood.

Speed here 195kmph.....really :-P

Ke 95 ...ha ha ha

Once we were on the correct road.

Nice huh...

Goodbye bro ,and thanks.

And back to 2.

My bike was on reserve. The first fuel pump refused to fill foreign vehicles. Any grade of fuel.

Later near the border they said ok. That too after a discussion between the attendants.

Back on the roads with a full tank.

Finally the border back to Sarawak.

I'm coming home.....

These guys , soooooo happy  :-)

Cut all queues...

A short break after the border crossings.

Its been raining almost everyday and we were told that Miri area has floods. Oh well.....

So we ride...

Following the route advise from the Brunei bros.

Stopped for a break here. Soon a car slowed down and said the road ahead is completely flooded. We decided to try our luck anyway. 

Drying our gear...

Then another car slows down and stops. The driver said the road is completely blocked. We would have to take the coastal road. He was going that way so he guided us....lucky huh.

As we followed him it really started to pour...

We followed him for a good 30km.

He set us on the correct road and we rode through the rain.

After Miri the weather cleared up a bit.


From here to Bintulu, was the best weather and riding for the whole trip. 

Superb sweepers.....

Thats me in the distance.

Finally reached Bintulu.

Found our hotel .

By the river........... duh

Bike ferry.

After a bath its time to explore.

We made a list of POIs in each stop.

First stop here.

Nice huh.

Then the clock tower....

Which sits over this historic marker.

Nice huh


Time to eat, massage and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Lawas bikers and Brunei bikers really made this trip special. Great guys all round.

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