27 December 2013

Trans Borneo ride- Final part.

Day 10

Early morning we rode our bikes to the airport.
Loaded them up ,and said bye bye.

Our last day....

Gunung Santubong

Time to tour.

We headed a bit out of town.

To visit here.
Sarawak Cultural village.

To see the types of houses in Sarawak.
Chinese pagoda here.

All this under Mount Santubong.

Different dialects.

A Chinese house from the old days.

They were mainly farmers and miners.

Nice landscaping.

Next here.

Nice huh.

Don't see this anymore much.

Spacious hall............

Now the fun starts.

Look at that la.

All jungle material used.


Inside :-)

Magic fetishes...

Ha ha ha

What a view.

Items used in their traditions.

Crap camera pics.

Look how high we are.

This is very cool...


Nice huh.

Even the kettle is awesome.

Kids under the house.


The stair is from a single log.

Cool huh.

Next we came here.

They work in stone also.

Nicely decorated pillars.

And walls. 

Balcony with a view. 

Nice huh. 

Like in Sabah ,where else can you see this nowadays. 

The insides. 

Leather work. 

Almost everything is hand made. 

Next we came here.

Small houses for nomads.

Bare and functional.

Crap camera can't take a proper pic.

This is quite cool .

Nice venredah.

Here we are.

Traditional items.


Different types of  decorations.

Their own weaving.....

More fetishes...

If you mess with the Ibans...............

Depictions of traditional life.

The long hall.

Their balcony.

Walls made of bark

Big huh.

The last tribe.....

Up there...

This is the smoke house.....to dry HEADS. Seriously.

Everything is from the jungle.

First they cure the heads here.

A real tribesman.....speaks perfect English.

Made by him.

The halls.

This is Sarawak .

Done here. What a great experience.

Next we toured the city...

The river bank.

Nice huh.

The state parliament .


Built by the white Rajah.

Now the residence of the state Governor.

Square tower.

Used as a fortress covering the river.

Nice design.

So cool.....

Imagine those times, nothing else around except headhunters.  ha ha ha

Very nice.

Next we came here.
The old courthouse ,built 1874.

Also to see this. The Brooke memorial.


The white rajah .



Chinese...all this were subjects to the Brooke family.

Memories at this historic place.

This one i don't know built when .....................  ha ha ha

Passing Chinatown

To see the Round Tower.

Built as a fort.....

Next to it is the Textile museum. Initially built as a medical hospital .

Same building above.

Side by side.

Round tower.

Inside are various models of traditional Sarawakian tribal costumes.
Model 1

Model 2

Model 3 ..cool

Model 4

Model 5 ................ha ha ha

Sarawak Art museum built 1931.

Lastly the state museum -1891.

After the great tour it was a bit of shopping ,massage , eat and pack.
Tomorrow we fly.

Day 12

We landed in the afternoon . Our buddy Sa'ari ( Thanks bro ) picked us up at the airport and took us to Subang for the bikes which were ready for us to pick them up . Good planing huh  , ha ha ha . In and out in 20 minutes. 
From there we rode to our usual tts port and some of our friends were kind enough to join and welcome us back. Thanks guys. 

And so ends our excellent adventure.

Borneo was awesome. The sights ,people ,views etc were excellent. 
We made so many new friends. We were retaught the meaning of biker brotherhood by the Lawas and Brunei brothers. The riding was superb. And we will never forget this island.

Also...........Borneo threw everything at us ,

 Windy roads ,
Fog ,
Rain ,
Mountains ,
Floods ,
Slippery roads ,
More rain  ,
Hell roads in Indonesia ,
Hukum Adat ,
and so much more !!!!!

But we made it. We gave each other encouragement and help.
We started together ,achieved all our targets and we  finished together. 

We made it. !!

The stories we tell are to encourage our fellow riders/travellers to go out there and see the world.Start small and work your way up.  Explore ,learn ,see the culture and history. Meet the people ,hear their stories and build your personal stock of awesome memories. 

Borneo was awesome ,
There are so many places to see and explore. 
Lets ride and see the world brothers.


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