19 February 2014

African Adventure -1

It was time to take a break during the holiday season so we decided to go to the ends of the earth...literally

Long flights

Look on the bottom left. A circular rainbow on the clouds.So cool.

Our first sighting of Africa.

Finally Capetown...

With the iconic Table mountain.

Nice airport...

Quiet streets...

Shanty towns...Aka  '' kongsi  ''


Nice weather...

Cause its summer here.

That's why were here. The whole northern hemisphere is cold.

View from my balcony.

We're going up there soon.

Nice digs.

After a quick shower its time to tour. 

Nice riding roads.

We're headed up there.

Table mountain.

Nice views as we climb.

See.....3 pics L-R


Nice huh.

A bit hazy though.

In the cable car going up here.

A little bit more.

Huge cliffs.

Look at that la

Nice huh

The peak on the right is called the Lions head.

On top of the world.....in the bottom  ha ha ha

A look over the side.

Looking over the Atlantic ocean.

See the crazy people ?????

The mountains extend all the way south


So cool

Amazing sights...

The cable car and Lions head.


Back down we toured this place...

We are so far from South East Asia...

Guess what this place is called ??

Remember we are so far from home...



''Malay Quarter ''


So cool...

An old mosque...1850

Streets of Cape Town.

Next we came here.

An old fort.

The moat.

Our driver . Nice guy. Name- Jibril  AKA Gabriel

Walls of the fort.

Big and high.

The outer walls.

And the main entrance.

As high as the walls are ,look at how big that anchor is.

The guard post.

Built in 1666

The first courtyard.

Sun dial...

Old relics.

To the second courtyard.

Table mountain in the background.

Huge grounds.

Old cannons

Nice huh.

More cannons.

A last look

Huge door..apt for a fort. 

Back in the room.
Watching the clouds come in.
Eat and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Day 2

Cool early morning.

Still gloomy...

We are headed south.

Those peaks are called the 12 Apostles.


That's the back of table mountain.

Nice cafes...

Today we're headed to one of the iconic places...

Ever south...

A stop along the way...Hout's bay

Someone's great toy.

A forest of masts...

Time for some shopping...

Those necklaces were really nice.

See those round things.

Nicely decorated...??

And carved horns...

Anyway those roundy things are ostrich eggs...cool huh.

See those wires on the walls.Guess what they are ?
Electric fences.

Views back on the road...

Nice vistas...

More memories.

A long way down.

A huge beach along the way.

African art...

Generally the black South African were poorer...

More electric fencing...

Houses of the poorer sections of society.

You see them walking everywhere.

Baby and all.

More shopping.

Nice huh.

Big birdies  :-)


and female.

Finally our destination. A name of legend.

Its a nature reserve here.

Vicious baboons

Almost at the end.

Cormorant birds and a seal


The cape of storms...

So many ships met their end here.

Home of the ''Flying Dutchman'' ...the real one , not from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Desolate coast...

On the way out...

More birdies.

So many ships sunk here...

Now to cape point.

Have to go up there.

Thank god there is a train.

Nice views.

Still a ways up.

Hate walking.

Oh well.


An even longer way down.

See the far cliff. There are people there.

Forget it.

Rough seas.

On the way down...

A bit of history.

On the road.

To see these guys.

Lots of them.

Tastes good   .....

No la  ha ha ha

Home in the sands.

What you looking at  punk ???


A very New Orleans feel .

Feel like cursing   :-(

The tour continues

To the ''High Chaparral''

Old buildings...

From 1685...

The manor house.


Extensive vineyards.

Nice grounds.

The wine cellar.

Nice gable.

Looks like an old  Mexican building. ...

Finally the last part of the tour...

Kirstenbosch National Gardens. Founded 1913.

You can walk for the whole day here.

We walked for 1/2 an hour...

That's more than enough walking.

Nice blue flowers...

A really cool sculpture. Cheetah.

Ha ha ha

A long day.
The white guy has got a funky hairstyle.

Again a New Orleans feel.

''Like ''

What a day    :-)
Soon we'll see more of Africa  :-)

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