22 February 2014

African Adventure -3

Day 7

Wake up early... very very early.

Lobby of our bush hotel.

Bekfat :-)

A bit about our vehicle...We specified a closed vehicle , doesn't matter a SUV or van .This was our vehicle for the 2 day tour. The reason being.............

The open vehicle , this can happen . Almost happened to us twice .     -Internet pic 1

Good times  - Internet pic 2 

Everytime i see the open jeep i think of a rolling buffet for the lions -Internet pic 3 

The guide who sits in front will be the first fellow to run if something happens - internet pic 4

If this happens and you are in an open top vehicle , you are f***ked.  Vera  kincin pun satu kali keluar  ha ha ha    -.Internet pic 5

Team griffin ready :-)

Register first so they know if someone is lost.

Buffet  ha ha ha


Standard diet for all the cats.

So cool.

Live and close.

One of the most vicious animal in the world.....The Cape buffalo

These fellows also...vicious.

We literally passed him before we saw him .15 feet away. 


Quite big.

Wildebeest / Gnu...

In the south the herds are smaller.

more Zebras and closer.

They are quite big.

Another one.

Waited for this shot.

Ha ha ha

Crocs in the river.

The tour starts at 5am when the animals are active 

9am breakfast.

So cool

A big fellow.

Again waited for this classic profile shot.

Speed limit here 40km/h. Any faster and you miss the animals.

The park is as big as the state of Johor.

When the elephants are together they are females.  

When their ears flare out they are pissed.

Like this...

That's when they attack.

Along the way suddenly.....

Rhino  :-)

A classic shot. Elephant and rhino in one frame.

There were actually 3 .

Nice huh.

Classic side profile.

These are big fellows.

The park is as far as the eye can see.


Another pair.

The darker the spots the older the giraffe.

They call the lions, cheetahs ,leopards etc cats

And hyenas and wild dogs - dogs.

Lone bull

Real big fellows.

This one had nice tusks.

This is when we were glad we were in a closed vehicle.

This guy started getting closer.

Reaching out, ears flared.

We ran away  ha ha ha


Waterbok -their meat taste rancid so lions don't eat them.

ha ha ha

Out of the park through a different gate. Its been 10 hours.
No cats or dogs today though :-(

Passing villages.

The dark continent.....
Back , eat and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Tomorrow again tour at 5am.

Day 8


A huge troop....

funny birdies.

ha ha ha


Suddenly around a corner .............

So cool.

A lone lioness.



5 feet away from my window. This made my day  :-)

See that fellow ?

Ears out...getting pissed.

This is not a zoo. This is the real bush.All the animals are wild and vicious.

A big herd.

Babies make them really dangerous.

:-) :-)

The safari continues.

5 hours later breakfast.

Now we are climbing up

To a viewing point.

Zoom a bit. Can you see the rhinos ,giraffes ,wildebeest  and baboons ????????




More rhinos

Center -Wildebeest .Bottom right -baboons.

Wildebeest and rhinos  :-)

Back on tour.

A lone bull

This fellow was a big one. Also pissed

And getting closer.

The biggest so far.



Still pissed. Time to go  ha ha ha

They are all Watching .

About 12 feet long

You'll see all sorts in the wild  ha ha ha
Thin .....

To fat  ha ha ha

Go too close and you had it.


Nice colours.

This guy lost an eye.

Kudu again.

Wildebeest closer.

What a rush .A great safari even though we didn't get to see a leopard. We saw almost all the rest. An experience never to be forgotten.

Day 9

Funny small planes. but with 4 jet engines. 

Our last day.

Back in Cape town.

looking at the Atlantic.

At Camp's bay.

Getting to evening.

As the sun sets.....

over our African Adventure.


our last views of the dark continent.