19 May 2014

Ride to Pattani and Betong

In 2011 Han and i took a ride to Songkla and Betong. We wanted to ride to Betong through southern Thailand. But because of the problems there we went through  Baling .This time we said we have to ride through southern Thailand. So we made our plans and everything was set. 

4 days before our trip bombs go off in Hat Yai.

This time we said screw it.......

Day 1

Our early morning RV

5 bikes

Many more of another group

We left at 6am...a break in Tapah here.

15 min then on the bike.

4 years on and she's still  gorgeous.

Back on the bike

Nice Malaysian highways. 

Nice early morning weather                                     pic by Han

Another stop. No rush as this is the shortest ride ever so far.

Bukit Merah

                                  Heading north                              pic by Han

Up till here for our insurance. 

5 bikes.

Crossed the border fast and reached our hotel. 

Streets of Dan Nok. Our bikes parked in the opposite building  .

Soon it was time for lunch. We planned to go to an interesting place. 
Our ride awaits.

After riding here...now its time to relax.

Finally reached. 15min ride.



We sit overlooking the lake. 

Nice huh.

Each table has one waiter or waitress.


Ha ha ha.....

Food is delivered by boat.

Quite cool...

Ours has arrived.

And they serve also... :-)


Back after a great lunch

And walked around for some shopping.

Some local wildlife...

And wheels...
An early night as tomorrow we ride.

Day 2

On the bike...

We turned off the main road...

And started to see a lot of this...see the barbed wired compound.

Heading east towards Pattani.

The road blocks were quite frequent.

A short break after an hour plus.

Met a friendly local here. 

Back on the road....

Through all this they all just wave us through.

As this place is new for us the roads are a bit confusing even with a GPS.

Group decision  :-)

And we were right...We reached Pattani.

A friendly gate keeper let us in to take pics.

Provided he can also take pics...ha ha ha

Our rides :-)

A classic shot ...like...

ha ha ha

Trying to be artistic :-)

From there we took a short ride here...

Nice huh.

The city's park.

Then to the city center proper...

The city shrine...

The main clock tower which is across the road.

Next to the river.


The tour continues...

Lots of fishing boats.

Then we came here.....The city's mosque.

Big and impressive

After prayers for my friends , off we went...

To visit  a historical mosque.


Welcome to the Krue Se Mosque.

About 500 years old.

Its had some history...

Its not complete though...google it.

It was also the site of a bloody incident in 2004

Across the road......

Nice design.

A last look.

And back on the road.

We are headed to Betong.

Through the restive south.

Hence a lot of this.....

Close up. See the sand bagged fortifications ?

A short fuel stop...

Not a break though...

Southern Thailand :-)

More of this....

Friendly kids...

M 16...bottom left.

Time for a break as we saw black clouds ahead. As Betong is in a hilly region we knew there will be rain there. Better to stop while we're dry .

And so it starts.

Wet and going up.

Soldiers ...

Wet and windy roads...

The good thing is the roads were empty.

But very windy.

Stopped a sec to ask for directions...

not too far...


We found our hotel....Still raining from our last stop.....

Nice hotel. Great restaurant next door.

Nice decor.

Not much to do in Betong      :-P   
Had a great dinner ,jalan2 ,shopping and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 3

Views of our hotel.

Nice parking. A bit small though.

After a very long breakfast we left at 12pm . No rush .

Now i get to sit at the back  ha ha ha

lovely sweepers.

Suddenly police check. They asked for our papers.....

Usually they don't stop big bikes. Must be some big bikes going to Betong with incomplete papers

We were all ok...

I had to work hard to keep up...

Nice roads .

Lovely sweepers.

A short break here .

Soon we hit the north south highway.

From there is was a straight ride home. A nice relaxed ride with good company. It doesn't get better than this.

Cheers .


  1. Wahhhh so jeles with u bro.. Banyak tempat sudah sampai.. I jugak slow down my activity.. :(

  2. Takpe la bro. Pelan2 kayuh :-)