21 February 2014

African Adventure -2

Day 3

This place is so big that to go anywhere we have to fly.

Early early morning

Great views.

Waiting for the 2nd flight.
See the Giraffe ?

Zoom .

Finally landed.

From South Africa to Zimbabwe.

Roads in Africa.

Police road block. Even here they are looking for cash. Corrupt asses.

If you take their picture they confisticate your camera.

More cops.

Reach the hotel by noon.

Nice grounds.

Nice huh. See the river in the background.
At night you can find crocs and hippos on the grounds.

Local architecture.

Not too bad.

Ha ha ha

The Zambezi river.

So much of history here.

Warthogs along the way.

Our welcoming party.

Time for a cruise along the Zambezi.

Nice boat.

The intrepid explorer looking for the elusive wildlife :-P

There .............

These guys are huge.

Ha ha 

Got the classic shot

Food and drinks as we sail.
A river of legend. 
Back to the hotel and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
No masat  :-(

 Day 4

Breakfast the next morning


Time to tour.
The most famous tree in Africa.The Baobab. This one is 1500 years old.

More wildlife.

These are the main roads. 
We also passed some elephants.  

Time for the highlight.


Have to walk

The falls are so big...

and long....

You have to wait for a break in the spray for a good pic.

Its like standing in moderate rain.We were soaked.

More than 100m high.~ 355 feet.

And more than 1.7 km long.

Now this is a WATERFALL   :-)

Across the bridge is Zambia

We walked for the whole 1.7 km

See the rainbow.

Guess who :-)

A video of only a part of the falls.
Look at the sheer volume and force of the water.

Now for part 2

Corrupt cops. Didn't bother us though.

Those are not for cows but for the Cape Buffalo.

A bit of off road.

Ha ha ha

Now to see the whole falls

The locals call it ''the smoke that thunders ''


The whole 1.7km

The gorges down river.

Nice huh.

A huge volume of water.

The devils cauldron.

After that amazing experience......

Its back to our hotel...

to dry out.

At night we had dinner with a show.

Songs and tribal costumes.

Listen to the song. We've heard it from the Lion King.but its actually an old South African song.

                                                                                       Day 5

                                                                           Early the next day

Beware of wild elephants :-)

Time to leave Zimbabwe.

After a short flight we are in Johannesburg.

All the restaurants are indoors with a painted roof. Cool huh. 

Indian food ha ha ha

Day 6

Joburg was just a stopover 

Today we're headed east.

To another name of legend.


Time for a tour.

Passed small towns.

We saw wild hyenas running along the roads.

Internet pic.  Hyenas are huge........

Nice views...

Perfect riding roads

And what views .....

Many black South Africans walk everywhere.

Another town.

Nicer houses...mainly for the whites.


This is a black neighbourhood.

Small houses...

Waiting for a lift...

Today can be called waterfall day.

A short 10min walk.

Not too bad.

213 feet high.

Souvenir shops .

Passing another town.

Empty roads.

Another black settlement.

The whole area is called the Blyde river canyon

Here we came to another falls.

To see the Bourke's Luck Potholes

Formed by the river water.

The actual falls. 

Smaller than the rest but a very strong current. 

The famous potholes.

The stones were eaten away.

Back on the road.

Lunch at a very small town 

Nice tribal decor.


Nice name for a shop  ha ha ha 

Soon the tour continues.

Another waterfall

260 feet high.

Lovely valley.

And lastly the Lisbon falls.

308 feet high.

After Victoria falls all these are just puddles  ha ha ha

Back to our hotel.

Need to rest.

For tomorrow we are on Safari  :-)

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