09 November 2013

Maldives 2013

During the recent holidays we decided to get out of  Dodge and take a break. Again :-)
So the Mrs and i took a fantastic trip to an island paradise. I have to say it lives up to its name as one of the great places to visit in the world.  

Day 1

Malaysian Airlines night flight.

4 hours later ......

A small airport but busy.

Walking to our cab.

Local taxis.

Our cab  :-)

After a short high speed ride we finally reached.

Check in...

Dinner and sleep.

Day 2

our beach side bungalow

Actually spent some time here :-)

looking around.

Sit here .......

And look at this !!!!!!!!!                                          see the plane ?


The pictures do not do it justice.

Only one small pool....

Which you don't need as the entire island is surrounded by the most beautiful clear blue water

As in Thailand.....

Time for Bekfat  ha ha ha

Nice surroundings.

We spent a lot of time here, esp at night.

Amazing huh ??

Back to our bungalow.

Which looks onto this...

The best beach ever .....

A few shots of  our surroundings.

So cool huh.

A look back at our seats before we dive in :-)

Much later a bit of fun :-) 

In the evening

We sat by the pool and watched the sunset.


And then watched the stars

Day 3

Today we explore the capital

A bit cloudy

Clear as hell 

We took a local water taxi called a dhoni

Someones dream boat.

That is the whole capital.

The airport sits on its own island.


Till we finally see the docks.

See the outside weather...still dark huh.                  Look at the sea la , apa la ko org ni  :-p

Reached the harbour .

A tiny capital;.

Presidents office. See the guards head in the cupola ?

Streets of Male.

The presidents house. 

This is interesting.

Look at the architecture.

Nice huh.

Its actually a Mosque.

About 500 years old.

Nice huh.

More of the presidents house.

This is the main and only park in Male.

Sultans park.

Its from the 16th century

Outside the main entrance.

The Islamic centre and Mosque.

Its a huge Mosque which can hold 5000 people. 

Back to the jetty area.

Past the local docks...

And fish market.

After a bit of shopping we went back to catch our ride.

Started to rain ...see  :-)

Pic from Wikipedia. Male is small. If you run in any direction from anywhere for 5 minutes you'll fall into the sea.  ha ha ha

Back and eat        mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Then this :-)

Day 4

Today we decided to walk around the whole island

4km round trip. Don pray pray ah

Close up of the shore

Around the right lip.

To the back of the island... 

Time to wash eyes   ha ha ha  :-P  

Nice ah

Look at the water.

Crystal clear

Rich man's area... 

So cool

A restaurant at the end of the walkway.

The rough sea beyond the atoll.

Manta :-)

This is the north of the island.

Infront is the next island/hotel

Bunnies everywhere  :-(

Happy bunnies :-)

Step 1 . Tell her to go far for a pic. 

Step 2. When she is far enough then you start running away.

ha ha ha 

Been about 3+ km walking so far

Reached our beach finally.

Time to hit the sea.

Watching the parasailing  while swimming.

Time to relax

So cool.............

After a while, time to hit the sea again  ha ha ha

Day 5

A bit of time was spent here.

Then a swim and followed by tea by the beach

It doesn't get any better than this.

Like a friggin postcard.   Bliss to sit here.................

and watch the sun set on this amazing place.

I generally don't like to repeat visits but for the Maldives we are already counting the days till we can come back. 
Heaven on earth.



  2. hi just wondering is the water taxi arranged by the resort? did they charged you with a fee? how much? im going in oct n im afraid they might change a hefty fee for transport

  3. Hi Chris .Yes the water taxi was arranged by the hotel. USD 100 per person 2 way .To and from the airport. In Maldives you pay extra for everything ,internet ,gym ,sports etc. Regards

  4. In short, it's one of the god gifted beauty paradises.

  5. Hi Fon , you're right. Its a beautiful place .