31 October 2013

Koh Phangan & Hatyai

A few friends and i decided to take a ride up north again. This time we decided to visit the full moon party island of Koh Phangan .After 2 days there we planned to visit the beach town of Pak Meng. The ferry to Koh Phangan is limited to a few runs so we had to make sure we get at least the last ferry. 

We left KL at 4am. It was raining the whole way and only cleared up a bit here in Bukit Merah.

So the pics start here.

We all had hot drinks as we were chilled .

Back on the bike where it started to rain again  :-(                        pic by Han

A stop in Changlun for the Insurance and white card.

After the fast border crossing we took a short break here.

Dan nok

The weather in Thailand was fine and sunny.

Hello.... ha ha ha

                                        Great riding and weather                                pic by Han

We actually reached the jetty at Donsak early .

So we managed to catch the earlier ferry at 4pm.....yay

Waiting patiently

Managed to get a place at the back.

buh buy

Now time to enjoy the looooooooooong ferry ride

2 1/2 hours yay

Full house.

See...the last few places

As we were wet from earlier.....

Our boots were soaked...

Letih ke bro ....ha ha ha

So we had to remove our shoes and socks and dry them in the sun.

Our feet were all crinkly and painful

It felt better after 2 hours of this though.

Aiya....tepi la

Nice views during the voyage.

Passing Koh Samui

Koh Phangan ahead.

Nice huh.

We reached 6.30pm local time

Checked in , bathe , change and went to look for food.

Here at the main town

After that , crash as we rode all the way direct from KL.Tired.......

Day 2

now we could look around

Right in front of our hotel.

A great hotel.

Nice huh.

Time for breakfast here.

As we look at the water.....water only ah !!

Time to explore.

Concrete roads.

Hilly terrain

Passing through the main town.

Still early.

Oops   ha ha

Look at that ...see the sea ?

Windy and hilly.

First stop here.

To visit the full moon party beach.

Nice design


Haad Rin beach.....

Imagine 30,000 people here.........

With music, fire, lights........

So cool.

Balinese door ??

We sat and enjoyed the sea breeze.

From there we came to here.

For the view.

And what a view.


See the beach hut and hammock ?

This is why we ride !!!!!

Subsequently we wanted to visit the Muslim village. The local Masjid here. Unfortunately it was closed. 

So we went to a Buddhist retreat.

We had to walk......


By the time we reached here we were panting.

But it was worth it.

A temple on the hill top.

With a view.

The interior.

We sat and had a good look.

At the 180degree view

We wanted to see a waterfall of which Koh phangan has many.

But its the dry season...

So we went to see the only water fall which has water all year round.

Again you have to walk.


Once we reached, exhausted....

We realized there IS water all year round. They just didn't tell how much ha ha ha

Time to walk back.

Will be nice in the wet season though.

long tiring day

Lastly we came to another temple complex.

Nice huh.

Look at that.

Soo coooool

Truly amazing design.

To visit the temple you have to climb up there...ha ha ha

After all the walking .........no thank you. 

I'll watch the van  ............. ha ha ha 

While they were going up.....

I took a walk around.

Nicely decorated. 

Huge chimney ???

Look at that door.

Like a vault.

We were all exhausted by the time we came back.soooooooooooooo    ......2 hours of bliss by the sea.

After dinner at the same place we came here....

Sat by the beach

And looked at the stars.

Day 3

The next morning it was time to move.

Again it was raining.

Get on the bike and it rains   ha ha ha

Bye bye Koh Phangan. It was fun .


More waiting..


More rain all the way. Good that yesterday was sunny.

Clouds everywhere...

Ha ha ha

Back on the bikes on the mainland. A quick stop here.

Finally the sun was out............................pic by Han

And great riding started .

Another stop here. We were supposed to ride to Pak Meng. Unfortunately the hotel cancelled the booking at the last moment. So  we instead planned to ride to Hat Yai and save PakMeng for another time. 

A nice dinner in Hat Yai

We took in the sights

Did some shopping....

No la ...........really  :-)

And more shopping.

I had to leave early the next day at 5am as i had to be in KL by 4pm for an important family function.
So we said our goodbyes and early the next morning i left while the rest left after breakfast.
Good guys and a good ride. It dosen't get better than this :-)


  1. again another great journey with you bro...can't wait for our next adventures - snooke

    1. Thanks bro. Memang great ride and sights

  2. Another ride report with your 'buddy", the iconic Han Tayar Golek. Your reports have been always in 'executive summary' style. Why aaaaa?

    Can't wait a full 'comprehensive report' from your buddy.