16 October 2013

Langkawi 2013

Needed a break so the Mrs and me decided to take a short holiday at our very own island paradise.
We've been all around Langkawi previously so this holiday was spent fully at the hotel. 
Pure R&R .

Waiting for our flight.

A smaller plane this time  ... 

After a quick flight we reached our hotel . 

Nice room 

With a nicer view . 

Some sights around .

A very nice pool . 

With the sea beyond it . 

A huge pool 

The food was good . 

We ate here... 

Sat by the pool... 

And sometimes went out for food . 

Enjoyed the beach... 

Which was huge . 

Also spent a lot of time here :-) 

Which looks out over this .

In Malaysia you don't have to go far to find a great beach . 



  1. Nice bro...i was the dude that surprised u at the airport by calling your name... :)

  2. Ha ha ha....nice to meet you bro . Roger when you come down to KL .Thanks for the meet. Take care .