27 August 2013

Spain 2013 - part 2

Ancient roman pillars -Cordoba

ancient Arabic decor- nice huh

Right next to the Mezquita

Courtyard made into a restaurant

Time to visit the Inquisition museum

Whips - made of metal-ouch

Many many methods of torture

3 instruments -close ,insert in orifice ,and open.  guess which is for which orifice.

History of the Mezquita

Time to cross the bridge

Almost 8pm....dark huh

Calahorra tower

Ancient master builders

Time for dinner  then sleep  zzzzzzzzzz

The next day...time for a detailed walking tour

Back door of my hotel is through the old walls

Someone's private courtyard nice huh

Time for the Alcazar

Ancient Roman Sarcophagus

Old Roman mosaic 

From the time of the Gladiators

Alcazar ...means royal Moorish palace

Huge gardens

Christopher Columbus meets the Spanish King And Queen

More roman mosaics

Look at that......

Palace and gardens

Nice ......

Higher up

Just a part of the gardens

2000 years old...

Old Arabic mosiac

More Arabic influence

To Mezquita

And finally the famous double arches

You should google this place.

Roman floors under the floors. This was built over  an ancient Roman temple 

The prayer hall

The Cathedral

Amazing huh

Back to the Cathedral

Ornate roofs

Arabic writing

Made from mosaic stuck on one by one

The Mihrab

Dome of the Cathedral 

Carved celling beams


A chapel off to a side


Ancient Arabic text

Back in the Cathedral

Huge pipe organ

Ornate seats for the choir

The main altar

In the courtyard

From here we went to the Roman tower which is a museum now.
Life during the Emir's time

Model of the prayer hall

And Mihrab

Top of the tower

Nice huh

Food was excellent

The next day - Sevilla

View from the roof top terrace

With its pool


I'm NOT walking to the top...

Locals  :-)

The Cathedral of Seville


And huge.

inside...its big.

Huge columns

nice huh

Beautiful stained glass

Another huge pipe organ

Big huh 


The marble floor is worn away with centuries of use 


They all have their courtyards

Now to the Royal Palace - The Alcazar

A last look at the cathedral

See the people...gives a sense of scale huh

Walls of the Alcazar

Main courtyard

Smaller one to the side

Intricate design

Huge painting...hundreds of years old

Awesome celling

Ornate everywhere

One of many courtyards

Look at that !!!

Domed roof

Another courtyard


For the kings

Courtyard no ..... ???

Garden no 1

And the main gardens

That water is from a Roman aqueduct

It flows to the whole gardens without pumps

So cool

Back outside

Thats the ancient gate into the city

Torre Del Oro -built by the Moroccan kings -13th century

Time for a cruise

Mediterranean  houses

Under the Spanish sun

So cool

Our ride

That evening its time for the famous Spanish show

Flamenco.... :-)

Long day... 

Nice huh

The next day...


Intricate everywhere

Awesome and huge- Plaza de Espana , built  1928

Nice fountain  :-P

Time for a closer look

So cool

I'm getting monumented out  ;-P

Each is for one province

Huge huh

Some sights along the way on the hoppy bus

I'm too saturated already

The next day...to Nou Camp.
Huge leg room

Very comfortable

Look at the speed

A bit later in the speedy train    ;-0

Roof top terrace in our hotel 

Must go there


Old skool

funky building by a local artist

Barcelona's famous gothic cathedral

We came here

To see this

If you ever wonder what a Griffin is  :-)  :-)

View of Barcelona

Its by the sea

This is the building on the hill from earlier- Sangrat Cor


Look at that

Catalunya  :-)

Finally we came here -Sangrada Familia

Arriving back in Kl i saw these 2 monsters - 2... 747s  and what looks like an Antonov 124 


Spain was wonderful. The people ,sights , food and lifestyle makes it my favourite country visited by far.
Life is short. 
Go see the world, near or far doesn't matter.
Just go !!!

Cheers .

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