24 August 2013

Spain 2013- part 1

Twice a year i get to get off from work. For this hols we decided to visit the home of La Liga.
There is so much in the country and so much to see, but with the time we have ,we decided to see as much as we could.
I took 1500 pics ,and what is here is only small part of the Spanish experience.

The plains of Spain

Streets of Madrid

Nice arch

Turns out its right next to my hotel

Hospes Madrid


Took a walk around Madrid

Nice huh

Monuments everywhere you look

Tour by hoppy bus the next day

Clark Kent lives here

Hoppy bus  :-)

These buildings are all quite old

Old church




We stopped at this ancient Egyptian temple

Parked outside.....for hire  :-)

up the hill

Real heiroglyphics

View of Madrid behind the temple

Next stop the Royal palace

Its gardens


The original Alonso

The inner courtyard

We could visit the inside but no photos allowed

Back in the courtyard

Cathedral of Madrid

Plaza Mayor

Huge and awesome

Neptune's fountain

Back on the hoppy bus

Park right infront of my hotel

We came here to see........


Nice huh.
Monument to King Alfonso XII

The next day...Hmmmmmmm

Hallowed ground

They have their own museum inside

Full of silverware

CR 7

So many

G.G.M.U      ha ha 

The next day at the train station ,with its own gardens

Nice huh  

This is why i like trains...you get to see the countryside

Nice room

In Granada,Andalusia....

with the roof top terrace

Old city...

Time to tour..

in a roundabout

Stopped at an old monastery

Built in 1504

Fort like

Photos are not alowed inside , but ...... :-)

in the gardens

Streets of Granada

Lots of Arabic influence

Food in Spain was the best in Europe so far

So many Plazas

Eye candy  :-)

From the roof of the hotel at night

The next day....

The jewel of Granada

Built by the Arab kings

French cannons

Huge walls

Inside the grounds

View of the city

look at the walls

Chamber for the Emir

So cool

one of the many courtyards

Decorated top to bottom

Looking down on La Albaicin(old city)

Enjoy the decor

Another magnificent courtyard

So cool

A real wonder of the world.
Court of Lions.

yet another courtyard

The Hamam(royal baths)


Built in 889 AD

Path to the next building...General life (Jannat al-‘Arīf)

Its across the hill

Full of gardens

View of Alhambra from here

So cool huh
The Court of la Acequia.

built in 1302


Geranal life ,Alhambra and Granada in one shot  :-)

Close up of Alhambra

Back in town to process the wonders i've just seen.

The following destination...Cordoba

Hotel built in the 18th century

Another courtyard in the hotel

roof top pool

Old old streets

This is why we came here....Mezquita.....tomorrow

Just some shots of the outside

Lets tour Cordoba first.....ancient Roman Arch

Ancient Roman bridge - built 0001 BC ..so cool

The far end has Calahorra tower...12 century

Main entrance to the ancient city.
Puerta del Puente

Time to tour..Gardens of the Alcazar...also tomorow

Bridge and Mezquita

Old buildings...beautiful

Another rampart in the city.

Every where you look....

Part 2 soon.......


  1. I/m not sure wether its you or the camera but those are really great pictures

  2. Not me or the camera la bro...the places are so awesome you can't take a bad pic ..ha ha

  3. Syiok la bro! Thumbs up! -apit