14 June 2013


The 6th edition of KMS (historical ride)  saw a total of 48 participants and 41 bikes tour the state of   Johor Darul Takzim. We started early from KL as we wanted to visit  and see as much as possible .Our first RV was at Seremban ,where we got to meet our old friends and make new ones. 

join us  :-)

** All the ''on the bike '' shots are by Han

Early RV

Soon we hit the road south.

Many many bikes 

2nd rest stop

Too many bikes to park in one place.

On the bike...

See how far the convoy stretches... 

A short stop to regroup.

Lovely weather.

Almost there...

We planned an early lunch

Then we get to tour.

A famous restaurant in Johor.

Large enough for everyone.

The local speciality

Han and the local riders who came to meet us and who were a great help escorting and guiding us.

Time to tour.

Our first stop, the
 Mahmoodiah Royal Mausoleum

The Royal Mausoleum

Tombs of members of the Royal Family.

In the grounds outside is the Tomb of  Mahmoodiah .(The white structure on the left) 
And the one with the roof is the Tomb of an old warrior who escaped from Perak during the British reign.

From there we went to the Johor art gallery. This old house was the residence of the chief minister over a 100 years ago.

Its in great shape.

Many many bikes  :-)

An old drum

It used to be kept at the Palace.
According the the guard , at night you can see an old Malay warrior sitting next to the drum ,as it was his responsibility years ago........

Engine of a Zero fighter from WW2

Also in the grounds.
This stone was used for beheading during the Japanese occupation during WW2.
The guard also said you can see Japanese soldiers sometimes at night.

Part of the group. The rest were behind  the house.

The Sultan Ibrahim building.
Built in 1936.

Nice huh.

Subsequently we went to visit the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. 
Built in 1892.

Really nice architecture.

After resting and prayers for my Muslim friends ,its on the bike again.
That's Singapore there.

Downtown JB 

Our last stop in the capital.

To visit the High court housed in the old building

And the Sultan Abu Bakar monument.

Soon we hit the road again.

Out of the blue , riding thorough plantations we came across this huge bridge. 


We wanted to visit the site of old Johor.

We reached the spot.........

but had to fine tune the directions

Unfortunately as we were checking the directions the weather changed. Badly. 

Really badly..........

And then the storm started. 
We sat for a while , then it was on the bike , in the rain , to our hotel which was about 30 km away.
Soaked   :-)

After a hot shower , we had a great dinner here. 

Really good food  :-)

After dinner the guys went to a Karaoke.  I was exhausted and was knocked out by 10.30 pm. 

The next morning we were supposed to visit the Kota Tinggi waterfall after breakfast.
Before that me and Han got up early and rode to see the gun post/pill box left over from WW2  .
We didn't put this in the iternary as the day was already full ,and we had to wake up really early to see this.
So it was just the 2 of us.

Straight roads

There are 2 pill boxes on either side

The interior. See the ladder going up ??

Back to the hotel and after breakfast, its on the bike.

Through villages.... 

Till we reached here. 

The famous Kota Tinggi waterfall.

There it is

for the kids.

The shallow pool

Till we reached the falls proper.

This is only the bottom. See the bridge at the top. That's to the higher falls.

Time for a dip  :-)  :-)

After freezing our unmentionables  , one of our friends invited us to visit his hometown for.....durians  .

Everyone said yes  :-)

Nice village house

You do the work....

We'll eat  :-p

For later  :-)

Back to hotel. Bath ,change and on the bike

Back onto our great Malaysian highways and home.

Great ride.
Good food. 
Great company and interesting places.
It was really fun.



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  2. Compared to some..this is considered not too many pics. but its is all part of the story.