29 May 2013

Brunei 2013

Managed to get a couple of days off for the long weekend. Initially we planned to go to  Redang and totally relax , but due to the late leave approval we found out that almost all the hotels and holiday spots were fully booked.How do we find a place nearby, where we can relax and explore all in 3 days ??

Day 1

Found it

Our Room

Not too bad

Balcony. spent a lot of time here with a good book.

Walking around

Our blocks pool

Being lazy we took the buggy every where

Now that's an entrance

Left our bags and went for food

Will have more of those columns later

view from our table

We were surrounded by these

Its 53 meters tall

What blew me away was that the American redwood trees are more than double this height

After food we took a walk around

2nd pool

3rd pool

Overlooking the sea

Time for tea :-)

In total there are 9 pools  :-)

For the first day we spent a lot of time eating and relaxing.

Day 2 

So where are we ?????

Welcome to  Brunei Darussalam    :-)

Time to explore.
1st  stop at the Royal Palace.
When they saw that i was the FJR guy they told me to leave  :-(

Actually its only open to the public during Hari Raya.

Busy streets huh

Friendly cop

A short stop at the river side for ice cream

There are crocs here

3rd -the Royal Regalia  Museum

Again quiet streets

The museum was really interesting, but you are only allowed photos in the main lobby

The chariot of the the Sultan.
Pulled by his warriors 

The shield and spear

A bit of history

After that we visited the highlight .......for me

The Water Village of Brunei or the "Kampong Ayer" was dubbed as the "Venice of the East" by the famous traveler Antonio Pigafetta in his visit to Brunei

my ride.

Meet the local

We went around and through it

The houses look old huh

And run down

They have their own schools

And fire brigade.

Fire brigade boat 

Their mosque

See that bridge. Thats for people to walk and kids to cycle. No railings ah......

imagine cycling there

Local water taxi

modern Houses built by the government

The beauty of it is the people who live in the old houses are well off. Have cars, and all the modern amenities.They choose to live as their fathers did. Cool.

Next we went to visit the  Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Thats a replica of the Royal barge

nice huh. Was too tired to go in....

Finally we came here -The Jame' Asr' Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque

Huge and magnificient

Its open to non- Muslims during certain hours of the day

I just walked around as i was too tired. Long day.

The royal entrance.

Nice huh

Back to our digs :-)

Eat and sleep ...yay  :-)

Day 3

Today we exercise
See the oil rigs in the distance.

We went for a 1 hour walk to burn some fat 

Walk with a view

They have a nice jogging path around the 180 Hectare property. Yup -Hectare

Us  :-)

A couple of kilometers done

And a final sunset on the beach

One last look at the majestic columns during dinner.

And back to real life.
A nice short holiday. Thank you Brunei.