25 March 2013

Ride to Rajapraba dam and Koh Lanta

Its been 4 months since the last cross border ride, also this is the first ride of  2013 for me. So a ride to the south of Thailand was planned. The problem is ....we are running out of places to ride to in the south. Except the states with the internal conflict, we have ridden to almost all the regular places. So within a distance of 1000km we have to find new places for our regular  short 4 day ride.
Thanks to a fellow rider at Versys proboards we got to know of a really nice place.
On the bike !!!

** all the clear on the bike shots are by Han 
Not so clear by Go -Pro

Day 1

Today we are riding almost 900km

Big boss sudah sampai  :-P
We started at 5am

A short break around 7am

Soon we were in Gurun for the paperwork

Met some fellow riders. 
This particular bike has been places.
Check the exhaust out.

A stop at our usual place after crossing the border

Riding in Thailand

Mainly straights with some curves..

Love these roads

A short shower  to cool us off

Dry roads again

We never hurry

Just maintain a consistent speed

Take regular breaks...

And enjoy the road..

Even with a relaxed pace...

we still planned to reach early...

And check out the place.

We didn't book a hotel here...

As this place is mainly a local spot...

That there is not much info on hotels...

And what little there is ...

Is all in Thai..

By word of mouth we know there are hotels...

But we have to find them.  :-)

Its already evening here...

Riding west...

We're close...

Here we are :-)

Kampung roads...

We kept a look out for lodging

Nice huh  

We wanted a hotel as close to the pier as possible

Its around 5pm there

We're on time....

So we get to explore a bit

Welcome to the Guilin of Thailand

We're almost there

Welcome to Rajaprabha Dam.

Beautiful views

All around us

A short break to savour the views

An imprint it in our memory

Nice huh

Look at that la...

We are actually on the dam proper

And stopped further ahead because of the views 

Nice huh...

After 900 +  km ,......Yes!!!

On the bike...

Time to look for a hotel...

We had 3 saved in the GPS

Again we stopped for the views

So cool

Dusky Black FJR and Red Versys at Rajaprabha Dam  :-)

Beautiful Huh

A last look

And off we go

Reached the harbour for tomorrows reference

Later we would find out ,its the wrong harbour

Looking for the hotel

We went to 3, but all were closed. There were a few at the road entrance but its about 15km away.
Stopped to ask this guy for directions. As usual Thai people are really nice. 
He got into his pick up and guided us to the nearest one.
Kap Khun Krap.

After 900+km and leaving at 5am .Finally :-)

Nice room

Went out for dinner at the only restaurant nearby where i DID NOT try this  :-P
ha ha ha


Been a long but fulfilling day.

Day 2

What a view in the morning

True blue

Our babies

After breakfast at the same place. We rode the the correct pier.

Bought our tickets , didn't get overcharged as we did our homework beforehand- They tried !

Our next ride ..

Batman lives here...........look carefully

On the boat  :-)

We could have shared the boat with others....

Then we can't move around

Every where you look....

Its gorgeous

Reminds me of the New Zealand...

And Omani ....


Look at that water...

Huge limestone cliffs .....

Right next to the water.

look at the color

This place is known as the Guilin of Thailand

with good reason...

Nice huh...

We're coming to the main cove...

When the sun hits the water...green :-)

Karst mountains 

This is the best part...

Really nice huh...

Threading through...

You can snorkle  here

Rich green   

self portrait time

The far bank zoomed in

Headed there

The 3 sisters...

We went around...

Where the view was so much better

Success :-)

After reaching the main site...

We took a slow ride back

This was a great experience

We saw this on the way in

So we went to check it out

The hotel on the water...


Lobby, restaurant, Toilets .....

But the view.....

On the boat again

Hmmmmmmmm   familiar sticker    :-P

Reached back, on the bike, and back to the hotel.

A quick stop to appreciate the view.

Bathe ,change, check out, and on the bike...

We were on the road by 2pm

Leaving Khao Sok national park

Nice huh

Stretching my legs  :-)

Today we ride about 230km only

Through village roads....

And freeways...

Thats me in the distance. 
Was having so much fun on the great roads ,that i looked down and saw the needle at the 200+ mark  :-)

Kilometers and kilometers of straights.

Gunning it again  ....ha ha

Back on the normal highways

Nice views.

Fuel for the bike and us.

Soon we hit the first ferry 

Waiting to board.

On board.

A nice 10 min ride.

Panas ke boss  :-P

Finally :-)

On Koh Lanta Noi

Took the second ferry to Koh Lanta Yai

Mainly farms and residential areas

Reached the hotel. Bath ,change, and now dinner by the beach

Our table :-)

Day 3

Today is a free day after all that riding.
The white car is our ride for today.

Streets of Lanta

7 seater ,looks small huh 

We stopped at the pier first

This is where you get the ferry to Phuket or Krabi

Passenger ferry

Restaurants along the water.

How many crabs do you see ?

Soon its back on the road.

Map of both the Lantas

If you are a problem child you get sent here :-p

our second stop

Mangrove walk...

Not much on this island so.........

You can go for a river cruise.

no thanks !

Nice view though

Restaurant and fish breeder

From there we went to the old town.

Its population is mainly Chinese descendants

Reminds me a lot of Malacca

Time to hit another pier.

Its a long way from shore.

View of the old town

We're heading there next.

Nice boat

imagine sailing the world in that...

On the Taxi

To our next destination

The sea gypsy village

Their life centres around the sea......duh

Houses by the water.

Tools of the trade

Parking next to home :-)

We didn't want to be intrusive so we didn't stay long

Next was here.

For lunch with a view...

And what a view !!

Finally we hit the southern tip

This is going to be picture intensive

Because of the weather...

Surroundings .....

And views :-)

We decided to climb to the top 

Views along the way

There is 2 beaches on either side of the tip

On the slipper .....

The rocky beach

and the sandy one...

Look at that water...

Is hot  .....

Not many visitors

Amazing color

Both sides

Both beaches

Around the lighthouse.


Everywhere you look


At the top :-)

What a view.

Ha ha ha  kantoi

Innocent look  :-P


Time to go

See that  .....

Ha ha ha

Back in the main town-Sala Dan


So we had seconds...

Eat ,massage ,sleep.

Day 4

Today we are going to ride directly home.About 900km.So we woke up early, had breakfast in the room. then......on the bike.

Leaving the hotel around 7am

Deserted streets....

We left early not for the distance...

But cause there are 2 ferry crossings...

And a couple of hundred kms of old roads before the freeway

Nice and quiet

At the ferry

on the boat  :-P

Back on the bike...

Riding in Koh Lanta Noi

One more ferry


A bigger one this time

Back on the mainland

Into the sun

A short break here

Near Krabi

Soon we hit the freeway and then it was straight to the border.

Stamped out and back in to Malaysia

It was a great ride and we got to explore new and wonderful places.
More to come.


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