07 June 2009

In my very first posting i mentioned having to get a better seat
as the dreaded numb bum attacks were getting to me.Hence i
ordered the airhawk seat from


To my great surprise i received my seat within 5 days of ordering it.
Its kind of tricky ,as to get the optimal seating position will take a bit
of trial and error initially.After inflating and deflating it repeatedly
i went for a test run to see if i'll be having scotch and ice after the ride
or ice on another place !!!!!!

For today i went to a neighbouring state to visit a few places of interest.

Another thing i've noticed is that i keep trying to improve my riding ,so i
keep pushing the envelope during my rides .Today i went in search
of motorcycling zen. Slow (relatively) ,smooth and one with the bike
little grasshopper .And what do you know ,a nice relaxed ride is also
fun - go figure.
Total distance today 300km.

The airhawk seat.

My first stop was an old fort on a hill. See the hill ,well
i didn't bother to climb it.Ride yes ,walk no.

But its so far up. Hidden behind the trees.

Then its take the beach road down to my next stop.

Nice huh.

Next stop was supposed to be a light house,and guess what
there was also walking involved.Up a hill.Therefore no pics as
no way i'm walking uphill in full gear.So i stopped at the beach
to cool of and chill for a while.

After the break my third destination was an old tomb with
an even older adjacent "carved rock/megaliths/god only knows what''.
The road through huge tracts of plantations where there was
actually Zen for a while.

Empty and peaceful

My third and final destination was to the aforementioned
A bit of background history.

The tomb which is supposedly 600+ years old.

Now this is interesting.Supposedly almost 2000yrs old.
See , i said ''supposedly''.

Obligatory bike shot.

Reached home by noon.Towards the end of my ride i was getting
reports of mayhem down south.But once i got of the bike it all stopped.
I'm not convinced i've got the right inflation for the seat,but it was
a clear improvement over the stock seat.
I guess the ice will be in my drink afterall.

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