14 June 2009

Bagan Nakhoda Omar is a "beach" spot about 130km from my house
if i take the B roads all the way.I try to find new places to go for every ride
unless the road is so good or technical that you crave to ride it again
and again.eg.. the 'dragon ' in the States and our very own Kuala Klawang
in Malaysia .Anyway today i went north in Selangor ,cruising about 130kmph
till i reached my destination.I didnt stop for road pics as i've got a few from
my very first post when i went even further up north to Lumut.Same route.
The spot is touted as a family picnic area and it was just ok.Nothing great.
But there is no beach to speak of.There are a lot of rocks placed over the tiny beach
to prevent erosion i guess.Spent 15 min there then left.The airhawk seat is
paying its way as on reaching home i was fine.Total distance 260km.

R&R spot-click to enlarge.

Really nice weather to ride.Love the sea.

Food joint and washrooms.

The "beach"

Did i say i love the sea?

halfabusa resting.

When you stop looking at your bike its time to sell it.

Nice day ride .Have to look for new and interesting places next.

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