21 June 2009

Busy week.Yesterday it was a solo ride,today a group ride.I'm a member
of a motorcycling associaton here and today they were having a marshal training
session for all riders so that when we go for long rides in a group ,it will be easy
if everyone knows what to do.We met up in PJ again.Had a briefing on what to do
and put it to practice on our ride up into the hills of Genting.

Meet up and top up point.

Since it was a group ride i couldnt stop to take pics of the route.
Suffice to say its one of the better twisties in the capital and a favourite
with most bikers.
Clouds in Genting.


more bikes

Again ,thats clouds not mist.

After breakfast we came back to our bikes and the place was full.

Left and went back to rest.Been a long week.

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