20 June 2009

Went for a solo ride today to Kuala Klawang to enjoy the hills
and curves peacefully.Turned out to be an eventful day but not in a bad way.
Firstly it was dark skies around my house when i left but the route
i was taking was clear,so off i went. There were a lot of bikers there having
breakfast so i was the first up into the hills.Less traffic that way.
The twisties were great as you are having fun and practising your riding
at the same time.After the twisty bits it started to pour.Hell, i was in the hills
and it rains.On with the raingear and continue riding.Due to the rain and
traffic on the way back i went slow till it cleared up.Total ride time today 4 1/2
hours.Few points-
1. The Airhawk Seat is worth every cent.!!!!!!!!!!
No pain at all.The first post i made ,on the return trip i had to stop every half hour.
Today nothing and i have a group ride tomorrow.Bring it on.
2.Garmin Zumo 550 IS waterproof .Havent checked so far till today.
3.The interphone communicator IS waterproof also.

Start of the route



Virgin jungle

Nice hills.Its 10am but not hot like usual since its going to pour.

My first ever action shot.Thanks to mushpop at superbikemalaysia.com
I'm actually not that fat, its the jacket.Really.

Reached home after the ride and no numb bum.Good purchase.

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