02 July 2009

I decided to ride across the country to Kuantan for a bit
of R&R, a long ride and also to see an old friend.Finally got the
logistics involving work sorted out and made trip 3 days ago.
The day i left ,of course it looked like it was going to pour.Having
no choice as i couldn't go any other time i left with my fingers crossed.
The ride up into into the Genting hills was cold as the clouds were so
thick and dark.As i reached the East West highway it slowly started to
clear up.Finally the sun came out and Kuantan was bright and suny.
The bike was fantastic and the ride esp on the E-W highway was fantastic.
No other cars for miles and i was cruising at 150kmph non stop.The
scenery ,roads and the solitude made it one of the better rides so far.
Had a good time meeting up with old friends and stayed up till 4am drinking.
Left the hotel the next day at 10am and had another great ride back.
I have to say it again the Airhawk seat is worth every cent.
Total distance 650km.

View from my house at 8am.Should be really bright.

After the Genting area.Sky much lighter than up at the peak.

Looks better ahead.

Much better.
Short break after 2 hours of riding.

Finally the sun is out.excellent riding roads.Click to enlarge.


Really nice scenery.

Private parking at the Hyatt Kuantan.Think thats the MD's car.

I could live here.

Pool side bar.

Random shots

The beach.

More of the pool.

Halfabusa resting.

Ok room.Was hardly there though.

After a bath ,went to meet up with my friend for lunch
and to make plans for the night.
His kid is facinated with my helmet.

After the lunch,went back to the hotel grabbed a book and
went down to the pool for some R&R.
Best tonic in the best enviroment.

Rode home the next day and went back to work.Had a
good ride.

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