18 July 2009

Wanted to go to Frasers Hill for a ride and to take some pics there and
also to stop at the dam.Left home a bit later than planned and took a spirited
ride to KKB via Ulu Yam.From there an excellent ride to Frasers through 30km
of twistys.On reaching the gap as i left home late gate was already closed.Rather
than wait an hour and watch the grass grow,i decided to head back and enjoy the
curves again.Made a brief stopover at the Sungai Selangor Dam. Due to the hazy
weather the hills had an almost unearthly quality.Very nice.
Slabbed home and total ride distance 240km.Total curves distance 60km

Early morning hazy view of the dam

30 km of this

And this ; )

Finally reached.So near yet too lazy to wait for the gate to open.

At the gap

Took a short break then headed down.

Road along the dam.Nice long sweepers.

Nice huh.Knee down anyone

Halfabusa posing

Water level down.

Ethereal hills


Halfabusa posing again
Looking at my rear tyre.

Havent even come close to knee down but working on it.

Nice ride home .Twisties then slab .240km done
and yet again off to work.Blah.

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