20 August 2009

I had to renew my passport at Port Klang today and i was told
i'll have to wait for atleast 2 hours for it to get done.Hmmm whatever
shall i do??? Pulau Carey is a place i've always wanted to visit and
since i was nearby with time to waste off i went.
After a few miles of traffic the roads opened up and the ride was nice
and smooth.The ''island'' is separated from the mainland by a ? river ?.
Thus some don't consider it a proper island.Nowadays its mainly palm oil
plantations but there are a few places of interest.I mainly wanted to
ride the length of the island and visit Hatters Castle.
Total distance today 150km.Been a long time from my last ride,needed this badly.

The ? river

Roads through the plantations

After riding about 15km the roads literally falls apart
Lands end.

The straits of Malacca.One of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.
Hence the brownish water.

Low tide now and i think this used to be a mangrove swamp.

Love pics of my bike : )

Hatters Castle. Actually the early british plantation manager's residence
in the 1900s.

Currently i think its a guest house.I keep trying to take
pics if the house but the bike keeps coming
into the frame .AArrrrrggghhhh.

Told her to behave.Finally.Beautiful lawns.

Sipping tea on the verendah a 100 years ago

Made my way home after getting my new passport.
Nice ride.Cheers.

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