24 August 2009

I attended my 1st ever track day at the Sepang International Circuit on the
23rd of August. As i'm a normal rider and not an expert or racer i was initially
hesitant ,but you only live once right ? .Now the place is full of racers getting in
practice laps and guys riding up from Singapore just to go fast.
R1s ,GSXRs ,RSV4s ,KTM RC8s ,Ducatis and so many powerful bikes were there.
And there i was with my 2 cylinder ninja.Sent a shiver down their spines i tell you.
The first few laps were done to familiarize myself with the 5 km course with its
15 corners- 10 right and 5 left.After that i was let loose to fly ( - my pace of
letting loose is a fast trot compared to the other riders).
We did about 5 laps then came in for a break, then another 5 and so on.
I was the slowest rider among everyone but i tell you , i had a blast.I was
riding at 95% of my (minimal) capabilities and that i've never achived on
the streets .After a few hours of playing i left for home.
What a worth while experience.Still got a grin on my face ; )
Entrance to the pit lanes


Waiting for the pits to open

Surrounding views

Halfabusa ready for action

Nice huh

Something you dont see often

The other riders

Beautiful weather for a track day

Action shots

Guess which is my new wallpaper ; )

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