04 September 2009

Ever notice that if you don't go for a ride for some time you start
acting like an addict craving a fix.Bad huh.
After scouring the net i found an interesting place to visit.Chamang waterfalls
is in the state of Pahang.I decided to take the old Gombak - Bentong road
to see what the fuss is all about regarding that road.Left home about 8 am and took a
nice ride to Jalan Gombak.From there the old road to Bentong was terrible!!
Firstly the surface was so uneven.Then you had sand,dead leaves and stupid
lorry drivers who should be hung from their "cojones".This went on for
about 30 km.It slowly improved till the ride was nice and spirited.
On reaching the town i was glad i had my GPS as there were poor signs to the falls.
But the falls made up for it.Really big and its about as high as a 6-7 storey building.
Had a short break and rode back................ in the rain...........tropical rain!!! for 2 hours!!
My leathers are soaked.Ah well, still a good ride.
Total distance 250km

Nice twisties at some parts


A tiny water fall which is actually about 50 feet high

you wouldn't think it'll pour in 2 hours huh

Chamang falls

down river.

Climbed up a rock to see the pool at the base of the falls-clicky

Further down river.

White water.

A last look before leaving.

I just realised now while typing this that i didn't take any pics of my
bike.First time ever.Man ,must have been dreaming.


  1. since ur bike was not in the pic..u should repeat it again...

    roger me bro..hoping i can ride with you.

  2. We'll ride soon bro.Hopefully Cherating works out .