31 May 2009

Today is a Sunday and you know what that means............
Bagan lalang is a beach town on the west coast of Malaysia.
It is not so crowded like the more popular resort towns and its
only about 100km from my house.I left early ( for me) at 8am
and took the highway all the way to our Formula 1 Circuit in Sepang.
From there it was B roads all the way to the beach.
Total distance about 200km.

Highway to Sepang F1 track

B roads nice and empty

See the fun sign ? zoom in

Finally arrived.They call it the gold coast but trust me
it is just a quiet beach village.
The construction you see on the water is for chalets for people
to buy as weekend/holiday homes.

Beautification in progress.

At the extreme end of the village i found a quiet spot away
from the masses .Pulled up ,stretched and took a short walk.

I think the far end is a Mangrove swamp.Didn't walk there though.Lazy.

Bike on the beach.3 more 'B's and my day is made
Beer ,Babe and Bikini.
Ah well

At the other end of the beach there is a nice restaurant
that is built over the water.Unfortunately it was closed.
Too early i guess.

After a bit more exploring it was time to head home.
Have to plan my next ride soon.

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