25 May 2009

A group of guys from MAFTS organised a sunday ride last weekend.The route was , meet up at PJ .Then proceed to Cheras for the second meet up.From there its to Kuala Klawang via the hulu langat -semenyih dam route.Thats the twisty bits.Then after breakfast at KK its of to PD for Lunch on the beach. It was a really fun ride.Met old friends and made new ones.As for the ride most of the guys took off during the winding roads bit.I rode at my own pace as i didnt want to become part of the scenery.Not too far behind though.All in all a good day( will only say this once i'm safely home)
Total distance about 350 km.

first meet up point in PJ

The only other 650R i've seen live.Damn nice sounding scorpion exhaust.

Second meet up point at Cheras.

Eventhough you cant see it well ,behind the guy dead center-If you enlarge the pic,(click on it). is the tail of a bike with reg no WFV 8018.what a pleasant surprise to see it as it was my old bike 94' GSXR1100.Now in streetfighterguise courtesy of her current owner.Nice memories .

After the hills we stopped in KK town for lunch

Then it was off to the beach for lunch.Here a group of us are waiting for the rest who took a different route.

Sign in front of my bike says speed limit 90, and we strictly adhered to that ; )
Have to check how many speeding tickets i 've got.

The 10th mile beach we stopped at was crowded and congested.

You cant see the sea well cause of all the tents put up

Anyway we had drinks and some food there,Then some guys suggested
another place down the road for a proper meal.20 minutes later
we reached this nice chinese restaurant cum beer garden.

After a relaxing lunch with lots of cold drinks we went our separate ways home.
Reaching home after rehydrating myself and a nice long shower,I capped of the day
by getting a nice foot massage.Perfect end to the day.

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