31 January 2016

Lotus Evora 400 Launch

The fastest road going Lotus is here.   
In conjunction with that Lotus cars Malaysia had a grand launch .
Since i was free , why not check it out  :-)


Since i took this.....

I had to park with the plebs and walk  :-(    past some of the cars on display

More display cars . 

Never really liked orange but...dayum !! 

Past food trucks..... 

Seating and more food..... 

To the actual Lotus owners reserved parking lot. 

My baby no hep here . ( Thai speak )

Test drive session in the Evora 400 .
Top speed 300 kmph 

Lovely usherettes .

And more  :-) 

Different colours were displayed . 

Menacing black . 

With a red interior . 

''Remember the name '' 

The view most people will get . 

The launch was quite grand . 

Well organised and well run . 

More display cars.  

Nice . 

But i like the black better.  

There were many displays and booths set up.  

From perfumes ......  

Free flow of drinks and snacks..... 

...to live music..... 

Free T-Shirts..... 

...to cigars..... 

...and more eye candy  :-) 


His eyes and the car have the same look . Intense  Focus !

More activities ......

With the usherettes 

Lucky draws... 

Nope. Not one of the prizes  :-( 

That bag is though . 

Free food  ;-) 

As i left before doing some thing silly involving emptying my wallet..... 

...i passed this !!!!!! 

No matter what .
This is our heritage .
Racing is in the blood of  our cars .
This is  Lotus !!!!! 

Cheers  .

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