29 January 2016

Lotus Taman Negara Drive - Pt 2

Day 2

Early morning breakfast.

Nice decor.

Then a tuk-tuk ride to the river mouth again.

Waiting for our boats.

A bigger boat this time. 

Words to live by .

My ride.

This time we are headed the other way.

Deeper water = bigger boat .

We are going to an Orang Asli village.
But first a tree top canopy walk and some rough water fun .

Orang Asli = Aboriginal people of Malaysia .

The other half of the group. 

After docking , its time to walk....

All uphill .

See overhead ?

Steep and tiring.

Finally....the base camp.

Legs burning  :-(

All made it  :-)

The start of the walk.

Our turn now.

Tucked away inside Taman Negara National Park, in the far reaches of Malaysia, you will find the world's longest canopy walk. Originally built for researchers, the suspended paths are now open to the public. The walk stretches for 500 meters and consists of 10 different bridge sections. While suspended 100 feet above the jungle floor, guides ensure that only about 4 or 5 people are on a section at a time, and that everyone is spaced about 5 meters apart.

Maintain the gap....

Adventurers  :-)

Photo op  :-)

Quite high up.

This is just stage 1

It sways a bit  :-)

But everyone was game.

The top of the tree.

One of the stops .

After 5 stages we made our way down.

From that.

Regroup and rest a bit.

Then its back on the boats.

Level 0 white water , ha ha ha

Fun though...

Moto GP lean angle

We all got soaked .

Soon we reached the village .

The real rain forest .

The village is temporary. 

Blow pipes .

We were treated to a couple of demonstrations .

All organic materials used.  .

The real jungle people . 

Colours .

No fat people around  !!!

First a fire making demonstration .

He made it look easy .

Darts for the blow pipe .

Orang Asli kids.

...and adults .

Looks idyllic...but...
A very hard life .

What's that.....

Doraemon ,why you here ???????

NO !!!

OMG !!

Good aim though. 



Ha ha ha

Then we walked around the village.

Respectfully !!

To see how they live.

There we other tourist too.

The kitchen.

The main door .

The living room.

The orang asli...oh.......wait...

Ah ,there you go..... look left huh....    LEFT !!!!!

After a full tour it was back to the jetty for lunch .
On the floating restaurant .

After a shower ,its back home.

This is what happens when you let THEM in a sports car .

We had a great drive back . 

And replayed the really enjoyable weekend .

Fun ,food ,exploration....

And everyone had a really great time .

A good trip ,well organised ,and a great itinerary .
Really fun .
Except for Doraemon   ha ha ha

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