29 January 2016

Lotus Taman Negara Drive - Pt 1

Lotus Offical Club Malaysia  (LOCM) recently organised a drive to our National park (Taman Negara).
It was planned to be full of activities and  totally  different from the usual ,drive, eat and sleep.
Having the attention span of a  gnat ,this sounded interesting
 ,so me and the Mrs tagged along .  :-)

Day 1

Early morning meet up.

Lots of colour.

The star attraction.

McLaren !!!!

All British  :-)

A quick photo op with the big  Mc.

A very nice wrap.

Siblings  :-)

Exige ...

Interior of the Macintosh

Season 1...ha ha ha
Lotus Elise S1

A group photo before departure.

Mcdonalds.  :-P

Professionals ,leaders in their fields etc.....

When they get in their cars.....

Just say Bye -bye.

At least now my wife doesn't complain about my speed...

I see you   ...

Great weather...

Got a bogey on my tail...

This was my sedate speed. Seriously .
Sedate !!!
Comparatively that is .

What a view.
Wide body  :-)

Soon we turned off the highway...

A short stop to regroup.
For once my car is in front.

Mean machines.

All eyes on McYellow .

A beauty. Its a spyder .See.....

On to the B roads.

I thought it will be slower now...

Ha ha ha.  I was soooooo wrong.

160 -200 .   !!!!!!!


Beautiful roads.

Fossil fuel time.

Lovely cars.

A real beauty.

All of them.

Sleeper..... if you get it :-)

Peek a boo

Now on to the C roads.

A familiar name...ha ha ha

Oil palm estates...

Windy and narrower.

With great scenery.

My co-pilot did a great job of taking pics.

Look at the road.

Driving heaven.

Nice huh.

Literally a milli-second before impact  :-)

But the views man....

Look at THAT !!!!


Before noon we reached the river mouth.

And the main town.

Han's hotel  :-P

Eye candy .

My favourite pic.

With my baby.

A creek running through the hotel.

Nice rooms.

For later...

Dump our bags...

Back to the lobby...

Admire my baby a bit...

Join up with the others....

Another photo op while waiting for our ride.

See the sniper ?

To the river mouth...

For lunch...

Surrounding sights.

A hotel across the river.  5 star .

Back to our floating restaurant.

For a very nice local lunch.
Subsequently in the afternoon its back to the hotel and rest a bit.

Later in the afternoon.

Lotus Offical Club Malaysia 

We go back to the river via tuk-tuk  :-)

For a boat trip...

To go see a waterfall.

You sit really low...


We will be here later.

Co-pilot.  :-)

Imagine...we are a car club.

What a great activity.

Different and interesting.


This part of the river the water  is clear.

Many many rocks.

That's causing the white tops.

Calmer here...

Finally we reach the end.

Us   :-)

Now to hike...

2 km through a jungle trail

Nice clear water.

Sensing her prey weakening ,she charges in for the kill  :-P

Finally reached ,panting and sweating.

Low water though .

The swimming hole.

I jumped in and realised there was no bottom .

So , found a rock and stayed there...newbie :-( 

Its extends down a bit.

See the waterfall  :-)  see  ha ha ha. Kanan la oooi

Oh wait , a better pic...ha ha ha

Natural seating gallery...

After about a hour and another hike its back to the boats.

To a fish sanctuary

Where we get to feed the fish...

up close and personal.

Or right in the water...

..as some of the guys did.

All kids at heart  :-)

See...ha ha ha

After all the activities , we needed to sit and have a drink..... 

After a nice break....

Its time for dinner...

Across the river....

Damage  from the previous floods.....

ha ha ha

Taxi !!!

As  we had our great local dinner ....

The full  moon came up.

Manage to get a shot of the seas...

Food was great through out the trip .

Especially if you like fish .   :-)

After a day of driving ,hiking ,boating ,swimming and making friends. 
Its time to relax and enjoy the sights in the national park. 
Beautiful !!!

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