14 March 2016

Of Sunday drives.

We were recently invited for a Sunday drive with a group of guys that drive high performance cars.

Its our first time with them.... 

The various models that turned up.  

A very nice group. 

Nice colours . 

And so we are off. 

Early Sunday morning.  Less traffic in KL . 

Stuck to the M4's ass . 

Not for long . 

A special edition Merc DTM .  

My speed...... too slow !! 

Still too slow

So pedal to the metal ...Max . 

Damm .

The sweeper kept his place.  I actually felt bad for holding him up.

So , at max velocity .
What was my view in front ????

This !!!!! 

And this  ,  ha ha ha 

OMG !!! 

We were not actually crawling , but .....  

Caught up at a fuel stop .

Mmmmmm red    :-) 

Mainly Porsches today .  

A short break here . 

On the car...  

And  , bye- bye  ha ha ha 

Up to 200+  we are close-ish  ...

Then , its adios .  

A Porsche shooting off.  

Caught up at the toll gate .   

Now for the 'B' roads. 


I really like this car . Red !!! 

My baby on the left . 

We had a nice breakfast of real Malaysian food . 

A very nice group . 

Boys...we never grow up . 
We only get older . 

Back on the road after breakfast . 

Nice rims . 

Now for some 'C' roads. 

See the Porsche... 

Now see the Porsche . 

Our next destination is here. The highest waterfall in Malaysia . 

Time to walk . 

Towards the falls . 

A calm area for the kids. 

The falls proper . 

See the bridge ,halfway up . 

See the top ? 


Max zoom .

A very nice place . 

Adult swimming area. 

After a cup of coffee ,its time to head back .  

A short drive to the R&R . 

I really really  like this car . 

My baby  :-) 

Being Malaysians,  food is never far from our hearts . 
As its the final stop  ,after saying our goodbyes , we departed back to KL , and on the drive back we promptly blew everyone away.
Cause i unleashed my secret weapon . 

Mrs Griffin .
no la...we were still last....ha ha ha 

We always thought of a Sunday drive as this...
Now we know better.... 

Its actually this.

Ha ha ha.

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