07 October 2015

Lotus XLR8 experience Putrajaya

                                      Lotus Owners Club Malaysia were recently invited to attend
                                a car show that is part a classic car show ,part autocross.  and all fun.

From the offical website. -
Among XLR8’s key attractions are:
• King of Clubs, Car Magazine Malaysia’s premier event, which kicked off successfully last year. The 2015 edition of King of Clubs will take it up a notch higher by opening participation not to just the European-car clubs, but also the Japanese-car clubs. Participants will be vying for top prizes and the ultimate bragging rights of becoming the best car club in Malaysia. To get there, they would have to complete motoring-based challenges such as Gymkhana, Precision Driving, Pit Stop Challenge, Racing Simulator, Remote-control Cars and Treasure Hunt. Each challenge will earn team precious points; team with the highest score of the day will earn the title King of Clubs.
• Tarmac Warriors, where our very own Flying Sikh, Karamjit Singh, will perform stunts in highly-tuned AMG cars. Spectators will be wowed by tyre-squealing, exhaust-firing manoeuvres that defy the laws of physics.
• Movie Icons showcases cars that have been immortalised by their iconic appearance in movies and television series. Fans can get up close and personal with Herbie, Mr. Bean’s Mini, Triple-X’s 1965 Pontiac GTO and the car that have fired many imaginations – the Knight Industries Two Thousand, a.k.a. KITT from Knight Rider.
• Asia Klassika is for the fans of vintage cars. They will get to see some of the rarest cars that have ever graced Malaysian soil. Whether it is American Muscle, German Power or British Suave, this classic car exhibition get fans longing for the golden age of motoring.

                                                                         Morning RV 

                                     The bulk of the Lotus cars are driving in from a track day in JB.

After a short meet and greet...

Nice body kit...

...Its time to hit the road.

My co-pilot.
She always said i drive extremely fast in this car.
Then she saw the convoy drive.
No more complaints.
ha ha ha

Gentlemen....start your engines.

After a spirited drive we arrive at the Pullman Putrajaya.

Where private parking was provided.

Eye candy  ;-)

The first thing we see are all the classic cars.

Special number plate.

Beautiful Jaguars.

From the Sultan of Johor's collection.

4.2 liter  :-)

Very hazy though.

We headed to the end there.

Past more classics.

Nice huh.

Photo op before the crowds.

Cranking up the car.

All these still run.

1926 Model T with its engine running...

Look at the suspension...

Wooden sport rims  :-)

Purring away...

Jaguar XJ220

The fastest road-going Jaguar, the F-Type Project 7

Nice coupe.

The iconic 220...

More beauties everywhere.


190SL  ????/

Such a beauty.

More Jags.

My second favourite car.

Towkays( Rich businessmen) used to drive this  when i was a child.

My number 1 favourite car.

This  !!!!

Apt number plate.

I'm guessing AE86 ?

1000+hp 200+km/h cigarette boat

Malaysia first production car.

More Jags .

Matt black M3

The Sultan of Johor arrived and this was one of the escort cars.

Special Harleys for the Sultans outriders.

After looking at more curvy butts...

...and some cars  :-P

We went to the lounge where breakfast was waiting.

Very nicely hosted...

Also we needed to get the all access pass.

After breakfast...

The most expensive number plate in Malaysia

HRH's car. 

This too.

As we walked i saw this.

The Ferrari BB

Such a beauty.

This cars are gorgeous...


But this is the star in Ferrari's cap

See the sticker.

Malaysia's premier supercar group.

Murica's muscle

If you have to ask...

See the price... 11.8 million USD.

For this.

This 2 were gorgeous too.

But this was the star.

11.8 million USD  :-0

We made our way down to the lake...

Passing more classics.

James Dean died in this same model.


Past stalls...

Parking for the car clubs.




Lambo...ha ha ha win 

Nice front end

What model is this.

Clue...look at the Number  :-)


Know this ?

Lotus Esprit.

More American muscle.

Games for kids at heart.

More booths.

We voted on one...

This one.

Eye candy to bring in the guys. 

Finally we came here.

The runway next to the hotel.

Where the gymkhana was held.

When the models have to wear face masks  :-(


The best colour.


Our host- Mymotor.  . Tq Edward .

Need to get one of those.

More booths.

At the end we came to this.

Cars from the movies.


Beautiful Volvo from the Saint.

Corvette stingray.


More muscle.

Who doesn't know this.

Can't you just hear the music.

Mr T's

We loved the AC the most  :-)

One last look at this beauty.

Then back out.

Past more booths...

Wide body Elise.....   hmmmmmmmmmmm

The offical parking.

Still hazy.

past some Alfa's

This is a beauty.

Look at those lights.
The Alfa Romeo Montreal

Past more Jags

Nice sculpture.

Back to the lounge for lunch.

The rest of the club members had arrived.

Free beer .Always a good thing  :-)

Lots of food.

Finally we watched our club members compete in the RC cars track.

Mid air.

Joy rides on a slalom by Malaysia's best rally driver.

Its was a hot and hazy day but the hospitality and cars made it a truly special event .
Fantastic .

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