22 October 2015

Java - Bali Adventure Ride Part 2

Day 3

Early morning in Garut

It get bright early here.

On display at the lobby.

After breakfast its time to leave soon.

First a pit stop at the local 7-11

Well stocked.

As we get ready to ride...

Peddlers stop by.

On the bike .

Riding through the village.

Small narrow roads .

Paddy terraces...

We make our way up again.

People everywhere...

A bit of open space...

Then buildings again.



We'll ride quite a ways up to see the sights.

Pipes with hot water from the springs.

One of the craters.
We didn't want to walk down in full gear so after a short break...

... we head down to the pass.

Still foggy...

Quite a bit.

At the pass.

Riders !!

It would be a nice view if there was no fog.

A short break here.

More peddlers .

Rings and leather jackets.
And he actually made a sale , ha ha ha

Headed further down a bit.

The viewing point.

We can see quite a ways down.
It just doesn't show well on film.

We continue on our way.

...and take in the great views.

See  :-)

It was so good we had to stop...

Right by the road side...

but it was worth it .

Passing more villages....

And larger towns...

Not too busy though.

Transport for kids to school...

and we continue on our way.

A short stop to top up the tyres.

low tech  :-)

The roads were generally good.

Add in cool weather ,and it was riding heaven.

Locals with their own toll system.
We just ignored them.

We stopped to take a pic of the boundry marker.

And the surrounding village.

Really idylic.

Nothing like the big cities.

But life is hard everywhere.

Tasik Malaya.

A short distance down the road.....

We saw these beautiful rice terraces...

With the river in the center.

Very nice.

Every inch of land is cultivated.

We try to appreciate everything along the way.

A stop for lunch.

Very tasty food everywhere...

And nice surroundings.

Afer lunch , along the way we stopped here...

The border between East Java &  Central Java

Memories in Kota Banjar.

Ancient Java writing.

A last look.

The cities official border. 


More markers along the way...

Its already evening here.

Passing a bit of open space.

With a lot of green... 

Towards late evening we reach our destination of Banjarnegara.

A bit of night riding.
check in , eat and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 4

We finally see our surroundings.

Quite a big hotel.

Early morning RV

Then its time to move.

Nice quiet roads .

Views along the way.

Really nice in the morning.

Mountains and hills everywhere.

A stop at this bridge...

For  the views....

Of the river on one side...

And the paddy terraces on the other.


Nice huh.

A lot of sweat went in to making everything green

Rocks from the river are broken in to small stones by hand.

Concrete roads are also repaired by hand. 
This is the reality in many parts of the world.

Views of Java.

We are headed to an interesting place today...

Passing villages and towns...

Along the way we stop here...

That bare area and large spread out soil is the site of a large land slide...

...in Dec 2014. Many people lost their lives here.

Back on the bike ...

Passing great views.

...as we go up more highlands.

Villages everywhere...

KFC ??

This part of Java was relatively quiet.

Workers waiting for their lorries...

But the views man.....

Nice and spread out.


We let the group go ahead and we took our time to capture these shots.

Further up the road.. photo op...

The convoy riding in Indonesia.

Very nice.

Ever upwards....

Local panniers.

Really good riding today.

Good roads....

Good weather...

And good views.

Perfect !!!

Look at that !!!

Each settlement is a village.

You can see 3 in the pic.

One mosque means one village.

My ride :-)

Kids were excited to see us.

Really nice riding...

Every piece of land is used.
See the 6 of us in the distance ??

There you go.

We're headed to a site of an ancient Indian city.

More views as we ride up the Dieng Highlands.

Small towns along the way.

Locals  :-P

Soon its back to the open road.

So we're headed to the Arjuna temple complex.

Built in the 7th century.
In the highlands... with no roads etc...

A break at the temple entrance.


Then its time to hoof it.

Cool weather.

Here we are.

Foundations at the outskirts.


The path to the main attraction.

Candi Arjuna ..

More memories.

There is also  a man made lake in this place.

Pure manual labour.

Just like in Cambodia.

Our guide Adi.

Everyone took the oppourtunity to explore.

like a boss...ha ha ha

Ancient reliefs.

Empty interior of the temple.

The main temple. Arjuna's candi.

Carving of Brahama ?

Carving of tired riders...

In their second childhood  ....   ha ha ha

A last look .

A short ride later...

We stop here.

These are all volcano craters.

The coloured waters crater . - Tlogo Warno

With the sweet smell...

...of rotten eggs...

See the bubbling waters,

Hot and sulphuric.

Makes for nice colours though.

This is why we ride.

To see...


...and experience.

Another short ride.

We come to this crater.

Poisonous gas detector.


...and walking.

See the hills all around...

Thats the rim...

...and we are in the center of the crater.

Yellow = sulphur.

Thats the rim of the crater.

We're going to the smoky area.

Us   :-)

The smoke is coming from here.

Boiling hot water.

A 100sq foot pool

Hot and sulphuric.

Quite big.

This is the colour of our ride.

and the vapor....ha ha ha

We were told that people come here to commit suicide.

There are much better ways to go.

Back on the road.

Passing more villages.

We're headed to a very interesting  place now...

In Yogjakarta...

Here  .

One of the highlights of the trip.

We go around the outside first.

To the rear with the direct sunlight.

For the best view.

We made it.

The way up....


The best shot.

As we walk up.

We take in the historical splendour that is Borobodur.

Just like Angkor Wat.


Its quite a way up.

To the top level.

Each bell shaped structure has a Budha inside.


...and explorers.

Mountains in the distance.


We all loved it 

Look at that view.

Right at the top of the temple.

On the other side...

You can just make out the outline of the volcano.

One there.

And in the distance behind the cloud is Gunung Merapi.


A long day riding.

We asked a local lady to take a group photo.

And before we left... The perfect shot.

After a full day its time to rest. 

More adventures tomorrow .

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