19 October 2015

Jawa - Bali Adventure Ride Part 1

We recently went for a ride in Indonesia . The plan was to start in the Island of Java ,Jakarta on the west , ride across the island and cross over and ride through the island of Bali .We had about a week to do this. 
All the arrangement we done by www.tayargolek.com with the help of  Equatorrad Adventure Indonesia.
Finally its time to ride.

Day 1

Waiting for our very early flight.

With the offical ride t-shirt.

Arriving at Jakarta.

The adventurers.

Quite a nice airport.

Here we met Adi who was going to be our guide and tour leader for the trip.

We were tired of doing everything ourselves as in all the past rides.....

...so this time we'll have a guide to take care of everything....

...and we can just concentrate on riding  ;-)

Sights of Jakarta.

Its a Saturday so the traffic is light.

Old colonial buildings.

Exactly like India 

A stop for our first local food.

Team leader  ;-)

A very unique way of serving .
They put these in small dishes on the table and you take what you want.

We brought our own gear except helmets.....

so time to buy some.

A large vareity.

Finally its to our hotel ,and catch up on some sleep.

In the evening we went for a short tour.

The National Monument is a 132 m (433ft) tower in the centre of Merdeka SquareCentral Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia. It is the national monument of the Republic of Indonesia, built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence.
                                                        We had a stop here for a light dinner.
                                                                   Old shops .

A nice satay stall. See the Malaysian assistant ...     :-P

Time for some food...

But first ...ice-cream.


This shop is old .

The national monument at night.

Sights as we drive back to our hotel.

Center of Jakarta city.

A nightcap here. 
Watching some local live bands.

And making friends  ;-P

Day 2

Today we ride.

Early Sunday morning.

Full tanks first.

7 bikes total.

Mine :-)

Riding through Jakarta.

Thank god its a Sunday...good planning.

Quiet streets.

It takes time to leave the city.

But the lack of traffic helps.

But Java is the  most populous island on Earth.

A short break here after leaving the city..

Time to move .

Riding through villages.

And village roads.

But generally most of the roads were quite good.


Here we head to the highlands.

Called Puncak pass.

Nice views and weather.

As we continue our journey the traffic increases.

So opposing motorcycles ride in your lane.

And you in theirs.

Fun  :-)


Another stop here for the views.

Java was not hot at all...

We hardly sweated , not like in Malaysia where we are soaked in full gear.

Hazy though.

A nice place to relax.

Another thing about Java....

...there are so many mountains that we were cool if not downright cold most of the time .

Time to move.

Ever upwards.

All this is on the sides of volcanos.

Weekend tourist traffic.


We stopped here for a drink.


...and for the views.

Tired due to the different riding style.

But the views make up for it.

Cultivation everywhere.

Back on the road.

Passing more villages.

Good tarmac helps in the mountains.

Citarum river.

Citarum  is the longest and largest river in West JavaIndonesia . It is also the third longest river in Java after Bengawan Solo and Brantas.

A very deep drop here.

Look at the views.

Nice huh.

All of us loved it .

Moments of the ride..

Back on the road.

We're headed to the town of Garut.

In most parts of Java ,one town flows into another .....

...so you keep seeing people and vehicles.

Rail crossing...

Its gets dark early here.

A nice hotel.

Weather a bit cool.

Afer the first day of riding .

Time for a good meal.

And good it was .

Part 2 next .

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