09 September 2015

Baltic Adventure - Part 1

Time for a break .
We've toured in the past by planes ,cars ,motorcycles,RVs ,on foot ,trains and ships. 
Guess what ,we're hooked on ships. 
Its just so amazing to cruise and wake up in a new port everyday. 
And the open sea is a magical place.
This time we chose a much bigger ship than the previous one. 
We were not sure that things will be as smooth as the previous cruise due to the large number of people onboard, but we were pleasantly surprised.

First we have to get there.
Stupid long flights.

Day 1


My dad came here at the age of 20 ,   60years ago. 

He has a picture of himself infront of the little mermaid.

My turn now.

The first day we just walked around the hotel.

Took in the sights.

And ate  :-)

Gilded .

Many monuments everywhere.

Someone should tell them that summer should be at least warm ,if not hot.

Temp 12 - 18C

We decided to take a walk around the city

Lots of piazzas

An old church

Another piazza

The Tivoli gardens was also near the hotel.

So we went to check it out.

Asian influence.

Founded 1843.

Its an amusement park and garden.


Roller coaster.

Ice cream ha ha ha

I wanted to see this.

Jacques Le Sparrow

Cool huh.

Nice weeping willows.

Its been a long day.....

...and flight.

Time for food and zzzzzzzzzzzzz

That reminds me ,check emails....  :-)

Day 2

Today we tour properly.

On the hoppy bus.

Sights of the city.

Then we toured by boat.

To see the waterways.

...and the city from a different view.

What a nice summer weather  :-P

A very nice place though.

Tourist...like us.

Lovely old buildings.

With a lot of history.

And colour.  Nice huh.

Very cool.

See  :-)

Stand and lose your head.

We will be going there later.

Sub  ...


Hey look...my previous ship's sister.


Open sea...

The mermaid from the sea.

Going back now.

Passing through hippe town.

Christian Haven.

Almost at shore.

Now back on the hoppy bus.

To here.

Had to wait for the crowd to clear.

Palace guards.

Changing of the guard.

'' Why don't you want to friend me on facebook ''
'' Nah, you're too tall , Gigantor ''
ha ha ha ha

The church near the palace.

More guards.

Then we walked along the waterway.
Gefoin fountain.

Kastellet fortress.

Nice surroundings

We keep walking along the sea.

Nice views.

Finally we reach.  :-)

The icon of Copenhagen.

ha ha ha


Back on the hoppy bus.

More touring.

Our final stop.

Rosenberg castle.

And its grounds.

We were too tired to visit the interior, so it was just the outside.

Nice architecture.
Afer this was back ,eat and zzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 3

Home for the next part.


Like an airport check in

Happy , happy.

While the others were having lunch...

We decided to explore while it was still quiet.

The main pool and bar.


2500 guest and 1500 crew.


The main pool part.

Another bar.

Still empty.

Lets check out the front.

Middlegrund fortress.

The front of the ship.

Very high up.

Headed to the back.

Basket ball court.  imagine playing while the ship is listing.

400m jogging track around deck 13.

After the tour , it was time for food.

And the all important ice cream.

Touring the interior.

The main atrium.

Nice decor.

Finally to our cabin.

I got it right at the back of the ship.

A very nice room.

With the all important sofa.

Nice head.

And behind the curtain.

The all important view.

One push and i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee     :-P

Time to continue the tour.

The main dining room.

One of the many bars.

The lounge.

The main auditorium.  Seats 900+

Fantastic shows here.

Nice decor.


And its bar.

God i'm tired.
Another restaurant.

And another.

Back to the main dining room for an emergency drill .

Then its time for the welcome show.
Conga line.

Ship dancers.  

Nope. i dont do the conga  :-P  

Happy , happy.

In the shows , These ladies were beyond fantastic.

Filling up.

More dancing.

Some of the crowd joined them.

I think the zoom is stuck.

ah well  :-P

Another walk.....

As we set sail.

The Baltic  :-)  :-)

Eat again  ha ha ha

And then a show before zzzzzzzzzz

Superb  :-)


  1. veli naiii.. :)
    err..already check ur email bro? :p

  2. Dia tak kasi bro...ha ha ha...muka mcm Salma Hayek kan :-)