22 September 2015

Baltic Adventure - Part 2

Day 4

Today we sail in to Germany.

Port views.

There are many avaliable tours.

The tour to Berlin takes you to the main spots but in a very rushed manner.

So we decided to go see another attraction.

An authentic European castle.

Passing through the town.

The picture shows everyone showing their a** to the king.
Some politicians nowadays need this.

The main square.

Our first sighting.

Crossing the bridge.

Schwerin palace

Views of the lake.

The main entrance.

We'll walk around first.

Gilded everywhere.

Through the trees.

Making our way in.

A nice garden.

View from the palace grounds.

We're going left.


The inner courtyard.

Some of the many rooms.


The throne room.

All the cellings were fantastic.

Look at the detail.

The view out the window.

Blue velvet on the walls.

Red velvet here.

Nice stained glass.

Like i said...all the cellings.

After a lot of walking we went to the grounds.


The grounds extend till there.

I'm not walking there.

A couple of internet pics to show the beauty of this place  -1

2 . Amazing huh.

Working our way back.

Very nice.

A huge statue.

Back in the town for some shopping.

Then back to our floating ride.

A great show after dinner.

And we sail out at dusk.


Day 5

At Sea

Today we spend the day at sea.
The view from my balcony right at the back.

Jogging , eating , shows and the sea.

Another sunset at sea.

Lets take in two shows  :-)

 Day  6

Early morning coffee on the balcony.

Then open air breakfast.

Food with a view.

Soon we berth...

Estonia .

A very cool helmet.

Sights of the city.

Very eastern European.

One of the cities attractions....seriously.

As we drive along.

Lots of Soviet influence.

Another attraction. Graves in a forest.

The third attraction. Site of some Olympic event.

In that green building.

My ride  :-)

Now it gets a bit more interesting.

A monument by the sea.

We visit the old town.

Nice grounds.

And decor.

The interior of the church.

Gilded again.

Then we walk around the old town.

Locals  :-)


Till we come to a viewing point.

6 inches from my camera.

The main old town.  Very nice.

Then it starts to rain...and hail.    Ah summer ,we love you. .....NOT.

Another church had a musical recital.

Tapestry of the black death.

A different type of alter.

Our troupe.


A different instrument.

The main piazza.

Its just finished raining.

Lunch in a dungeon .

Nice decor.

By the time we finished the sun was out. This is not rain. Come to Asia for rain  :-P

Better views though.


We walked about 7-9 km in each tour.

More locals.

Old buildings.

This part was nice.

The old castle ramparts.

See the walkway ?

Extends quite far.

The old gates.

So cool.

The more modern part.


The old gates.

After a long day we reach the port.

To our big ass ship.

The views as we set sail.

Another cruise.
More eating ,eye scream ,and shows  :-)
Then zzzzzzzzzzz

Day 7

Today we visit the fatherland.

The dock.

Other ships.

We'll spend 2 days here.

Russia....so cool.

Huge and grey. 

Smells like USSR :-)


A beautiful church.

Lovely decor.

Monuments everywhere.

The main attraction. 
The Winter palace/ Hermitage museum.

Views across the river Neva.

Locals...   :-)

Matryoshka dolls  - we got some  :-)

Inside the palace.

Prepare to see a lot of gold.


Look at the amazing celling.

Russian girls... :-P

Huge columns.

If that falls on you , you DIE.

A huge hall..

Nice huh.

The throne room.

Royalty .

Gold everywhere.


Did i mention gold ???????

Here you go...

So cool.

The ballroom.

Full of paintings here.

Again the cellings.

So ornate.

While the peasants starved.

Thats why the Tsars fell from power.

Another throne room.

Opluence everywhere.

Nice stained glass.

Some of the treasures on display.

Yekaterina Alexeyevna
Catherine the great.

More opluence.

More amazing cellings.

A small inner courtyard.

Guess what this is. 


Guess what this is ......ha ha ha

So cool.

They liked their women hefty in ye old days.
Heating was expensive  ;-P

In another room.

Look at the celling....wow

And the door.

A very famous painting by Da Vinci.

Hefty  :-P

The guard asked me if i was Spanish here. I said ''Si''

A remake of the corridor in the Vatican.

This .
I took this pic at the Vatican Aug 2011

The Russian version.

So ornate

Huge paintings.

Miles and miles of walking.

Nice huh.

Another room. 1057 halls and rooms in total .

Another hefty lass .

There you go.

Ye olden days.

Ye modern lassie.

Nice green stone.

Hall of Rembrandts.

If you own this collection , every generation till the end of time will be well off.

The old masters.

Coal heating was expensive.

ha ha ha

Almost finished.

More cellings.

Look at the size of that thing.


The Egyptian collection.


Shopping list.

Mommies bed.

Wake up instructions.

1400 in the small cloakroom---  only ?

Ah !!!

Finally out.

Across the river.


Whats bunny looking at ?

Naughty ,naughty.

Time to tour some more.

A stop by the river side.

To get a view of the city center.

Huge blocky buildings everywhere.

That beautiful church again.

Peter and Paul fortress.

Next to the river.....see...river  :-P

We're headed thataway later..


The icon of St.Petersburg.

The church of the spilled blood.


With its onion domes.

Nice huh.

Lunch first before we go inside.

Lunch in a nearby museum.

Sovenior shops outside :-P

Time to go in.

Surrounded by fences.....see...fences..  ha ha ha

Nice colours.

Lots of colour inside.

A side chapel.

Look at the walls.

And roofs.

Nice huh.

My neck starts to hurt.

The main alter.

Such detail.

More colours...

In every corner.

Just enjoy the subsequent pics  :-)

A pic of the church without the crowd.

Out again.

A last look....

...at this magnificient place.

Maybe a selfie or two  :-P

Then we visit the main square.

Next to the winter palace.

The palace square.

And the central monument.


What views.

Nice carriage .

Even nicer...Budweiser carriage.

Soon its back on the bus...

...past the sights...

To the docks....

Home .
Its just day 1 in Russia. What a day.
Day 2 tomorrow.

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