22 August 2015

Malaysian beach escapade

A couple of months back, we decided to take a break from the rat race. 
Instead of going for a holiday and seeing the sights ,this time we decided to park ourselves in one place and just relax

Checking in

As we walk to the room...

This is the view.

The kiddies pool. 

Adults only pool. Spent most of the time here.

Heading to the rooms.

Nice huh.

Chalets on stilts.....

...on the water.

I got the room furthest out.

For this...

A view of the open sea.

Huge open bathroom.

My neighbour got it right  :-)

The lounge for some guest only.

Heading to the lounge.

Free food and drinks.

With a great sunken lounge.

All we did was eat...


She just chased the peacock.....the tail is on the left.   :-)


Surrounded on both sides by beaches.

Spent some time on the courts.

The sunsets were spectacular.

More eating...

with a view

Swim and...

...sit on the balcony.

The next few days were spent here...

...and eating.

As i said...

...the sunsets....

...were fantastic.
Recharge and the back to work.


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