02 December 2012

We have been waiting for this for more than 2 years.And finally our very own clubhouse has opened.
Its not big but ok for a small township.Decent facilities with the F&B on the first 2 floors,and recreation
on the other 2 floors.

Setia Alam clubhouse 

The all important top floor 

Entrance.The F&B is still under way .Restaurants, Banquet hall etc

3rd floor 

There are about 6 music rooms?? 

2 badminton courts 

And 2 ping pong tables  + 2 squash courts 

lounge ,and pool table 

With cafetaria 

Decent Gym 

Fitness studio... 

Top floor.        Kiddies play area 

Next to the kiddies pool 

And the most important part 

The roof top main pool 

With a view

Nice huh 

Need to find my trunks.

1 comment:

  1. My owh my..it does look exclusively brand new..I imagine one could easily spend hours here ;)especially by the pool with the view..btw sun tan lotion anyone ;P