30 December 2012

Ride to Vietnam (Final part)

Day 8

We woke up early to beat the traffic in Saigon

No such luck...

Getting an inkling now ?

That was the view infront. 
This is behind  :-)

Want more  :-)    see how far back you can see bikes

Another intersection

See on the left ?

We finally made it out. Saigon Petro  :-)

We left our ''guide '' at Saigon

Riding to the border

We were hoping entering Cambodia will be smooth

Quick in and out at immigration. No outgoing customs

At the Cambodian side we chopped our passports fast, got on the bikes and shot off. No hassles..... 

Cambodian sights

Passing the border town we decided to have a drink

Pulled up just passed the border

Ran out of tape ,so had to use the Vietnam number plate  :-)

Soon we were back on the road

Flat land...

Now you know you are in Cambodia  :-) 

Riding through a town

Headed to Phnom Phen 

More flatland

After some time another break

one eyed FJR

Straight Cambo roads

Ha ha ha - cacat    :-)

On the bike...

We were in no hurry

Its just 60km on these mostly straight roads

Another break 

Soon we reached the Mekong river...........again  :-)

Covered place for bikes to wait . Smart .



Bikes get on last. Not Smart.

After crossing we stopped for a drink. We're almost at our destination.

Soon we were in Phnom Phen

Traffic. no where as bad as Saigon.

Found our hotel.

Not too bad

Later  :-)

Secure parking

Poor baby. Needs a good wash

After freshening up we went on tour.

Starting with here.

Cop bikes.

China made

I've been here once before. But it will affect anyone who walks here

Murderers. Mass murderers of their own people.

Less commentary here on

How to save bullets- method 1

Method 2

Method 3

They all died

Look at her eyes. its all over........

The view the prisoners got

In the cell , baby and all 

How old is she ????

Broken jaw ?

A school that became hell

Many more pics in last years june entry( june i think)

Sights of Phnom Phen

The main promenade next to the Tonle Sap river

And it joins the Mekong here

Memories bro

At night it became beautiful

And jammed   :-)

Nice huh

Somehow we found this restaurant

When they showed us the food ,we said yes please

I think i overdid it on the beef rendang.

A perfect end to the day. Malaysian cooking  :-)

 Day 9

Leaving Phnom Phen rather lateish, as we brilliant guys thought that we had only 500km to go. Easy kan ?

What we somehow didn't think off was that 500km was in Cambodian roads and not Malaysian highways.Fatigue maybe ?

After travelling an average of 80km and hour we suddenly thought -oh shit

Because what we also forgot was....

That there is a border crossing.....

And borders in this part of the world close early

Brilliant huh.  see the roads?

Time for a break.

Met a local who could speak Malay here.

On the bike

Time for another break.
The kids were freaked out  :-)

Following Red Versys

Another stop after an hour

The guy in the girlie shirt said he saw us in Phnom Phen the day before...

Not many larger bikes here i guess

Great weather

On the bike.Headed to Poi Pet

Look on the immediate right of Hans helmet

A quick stop in Battambang

For a quick picture

R&R further down the road

Our hostess wanted a pic  .....


I'll take you anywhere  :-)

Time for some TLC soon

Towards evening we still haven't reached the border.

Due to having a long break in the morning, having extra coffee and surfing the internet(Cause we thought we had a lot of time- brilliant) , we were late here. We still managed to reach the border at 7pm where we found out that it closes at 7.30pm. A cop in the Cambo side asked us for 200Baht(didn't want our excess Rials ) to stamp our passports for us. Long queue of farangs. Within 5 mins we rode by as they were looking at us. On the Thai side 3 queues for foreigners were full . We stood next to the Thai queue(empty) with our passports in clear display. Within 3 mins we heard'' Malaysians''?  Come   :-)
Ha ha . In and out in 5 mins. So long suckers  ha ha ha.Customs another 10 mins and we were free in Thailand. After Cambo and Vietnam we were  really happy to be back in Thailand.

It was already night.
So instead of Wattana Nakhon as planned we stayed in Arrayanapratet.
Our routine was as usual  ;-)

Day 10

We knew we had to ride through Bangkok so for the final time ,we woke up really early. Had a very early breakfast and left for Bangkok.Here We took a break in Bangkok. Still early around 7am here. What we didn't realise was that it was a Saturday, so much less traffic.

On reaching the Chao Praya, it was very swollen and the water had spilled over on to the banks.
See the water level ?

Got onto the ferry.

Pic time  :-)

A short break after the crossing

Right next to the river. More floods.

On the bike.

Traffic getting out of Bangkok was a bit heavy. 

Weekend i guess. Riders out too.

Going to leave the traffic soon...

Finally we turned left...

Our usual stop. 1500km of smooth roads here on  :-)

We're passed Bangkok so its time to relax now

Lovely roads.


On the bike

Nice huh ?  :-)

Count the number of cars on the roads.....


and here   ..........    :-)

Near our destination

Fantastic riding

Almost there.....

We turned off the main highway

Kampung roads

Pink Poweeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr    :-)

Good parking...

Our rooms..We were early so we actually had time for a massage and nap before dinner. What a rugged biker lifestyle we lead  :-)

A nice dinner by the beach


A good day.

Day 11

Breakfast by the beach

Today is just to ride.

A bit of sight seeing first.

Nice hotel and cheap. Koi Buri

In this tiny beach side stretch(can't even call it a town there are 2 expensive hotels. The first quoted us 3000 Bhat. The second 2100. There isn't even a 7/11 here  ???

Post breakfast nap ??     ;-)  :-) 

They are calling us

On the bike...

Back on the highway. Literally 10min from the hotel.

Today we plan to ride to the border.

Nice scenery

Han met these guys who are going to the Golden Triangle. I'm filling up my tyres...

This is what we do  :-)

Memories ...

Another break..

Still riding...

Some on the bike shots 

Lovely roads...

Physically here but mentally still in Vietnam

What an experience...

Miles after miles...

A last break ........


We were very lucky to have bright sunshine every day of our ride.but our gear was brown and our bikes were filthy. After the pic above we had heavy rain for about 200km. We were actually glad as both the bikes and us needed a good wash. We rode till it became dark. So we decided to spend the night at Hat Yai instead of the border.On reaching Hat Yai the rains stopped and the roads were dry. So onwards it was. Reached the border , hotel, food , massage  and sleep. Malaysia tomorrow  :-)

Day 12 

A last look at Thai Roads. We crossed the border painlessly, and rode through the beautiful(but bumpy) Malaysian highways..After a few hours we reached home where we were met by our friends who were waiting for us.Thanks guys...

And so comes to a close our excellent adventure. This ride was so rich in its experiences and such an adventure. So we'll  probably be satisfied for the next 3 weeks or so before the itch starts again  ... ha ha ha 

our route in Vietnam

A friend asked why do we do this. Ride, hot sun , rain , fatigue ,dealing with officials...etc.   Why not fly in comfort and relax.  
I told him we do it cause we love it. 
And the achivement is some thing that you will know personally even if no one else knows.

I also told  him...everyone has a story. Ask the guard around the corner..he has a story. Ask your dad...he has a story...ask anyone. Unfortunately for many their story is...Study, work ,marriage ,kids, work some more, and one day wake up and realise you are old and never did anything with your life.

So i told him, I'm writing my story.These are chapters in my life. 
One day when i'm on my deathbed i'm going to look back at all of this and think - I DID THIS ..!!

So go out there and write your own story. Don't wait. Make it rich and colourful. 
Ride, see the world, have new experiences and live .Not just have a life. 
Write your own story.....



  1. when i read this..i am still feeling that "we still on the bike bro..!". Excellent ride! Thanks for the ride bro..

    Yes..! we do this becoz we LOVE to ride!

    thumbs up!


  2. Memang excellent ride. Thanks to you bro :-)

  3. hi griffin, i hv been reading bout your ride for my inspirations. what you wrote on yr last paragraph really sum it all on why we should be riding. hope that some day i too could write my own story....thanks bro.

  4. well done! great expedition

  5. why must wrap your head lamp?

  6. Cambodian law prevents motorcycles from riding with lights on during the day,so since we can't switch it off,that's why we tape it up.

  7. mmg menarik..2 thumbs up..1 for griffin n 1 for han.haha..next tts boleh story lagi -APIT-

  8. Last paragraph well said. Nice one bro...keep it up!

  9. Nice report. Hope to achieve the same before age catches up, even if this means flying the bike from East Malaysia to West Malaysia.

  10. Don't wait too long .Time waits for no one...Fly in...do it now :-)