11 January 2013

My wife got a new pair of boots,so we took a ride to break it in and check the fit.
Lets go to somewhere new.

Early sunny Sunday

Roads empty

Riding into the morning sun 

still cool and nice 

NKVE empty :-) 

DUKE also 

Passed a convoy on the opposite lane 

Time to pick up speed soon 

Karak highway.corner after corner.... 

Wasn't going too fast. 

120 -max 140 

So was overtaken by most of the sunday riders 

We all enjoyed the road... 

After about 100km on the Karak highway we turned off... 

Soon we reached here 

Too see the Oliphants

Register then ride in.
Cars have to park much before.... 

Baby ,Asian and Mammoth  ? 

In the welcome center 

First time for both of us here 


Time to go in 

Ollie here     

Nice landscaping 

Next to a river 

First we saw the baby... 

Still small 

Fatty boy...   :-) 

We're very early so the adults are out 


Also want food 

Fighting for it.... 

Max stretch.... :-) 

Had a nice time here... 

This guy put his head out for the food 

Let me take a look at that for you   :-) 

Took a walk to the river...

Its where they bathe the ellies 

The best time is during the afternoon,2.30pm i think when the adults are back ,let out and its feeding time then also.  

Back on the bike 

Through the village roads 

A  great morning to ride

 Soon we were back on the highway... 

Empty  :-) 

Bright sun but still cool wind... 

And great tarmac... 

Unfortunately i was carrying a pillion... 

Was doing 135 here.These guys blew past like i was standing still... 

Reached home soon.
Wife was happy she got to see the baby ollie ..
I on the other hand was hoping for this.
Oh well....


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