30 October 2012


Needed a long overdue family break so ,me and the Mrs decided to take a short holiday in the magical ,ancient island of Bali.

Getting there.     Air Asia sucks .....

Land of a thousand Temples

And many many people

And bikes

Did i mention thousands of Temples ?

We decided to stay away from the main touristy beach

Nice decor

A tower on the grounds

Nice door

After walking around its back to the lobby

More decor

Really nice grounds

Not too bad  :-)

A short walk to the pool

Nice green

Reminds me of Krabi

More grounds

Ahhhh Bali   :-)

The second pool..

Time to kickback and try the local variety, not too bad

And eat  :-)

Today is just to R&R

Nice private beach

Public beach in the distance

The other side

Time for another drink

And watch the sunset  :-)

Day 2

Today is my day       :-)
Generally in Indonesia you would rent a Bajaj Pulsar 200cc or a Kawasaki 125/250 KLX. Since my wife is coming along i can't  have my usually low standards, sooooooooooo
Say hello to the Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail    :-)

Generally i like to ride alone with a GPS for a guide,being lazy this time i hired a guide to lead me around the Island

And off we go...

Riding through the streets of Bali

Black cause its made from Volcanic Rock

Straight through the city

Soon the traffic got less

And the buildings became less

Riding through an outlying town

Scenery along the way-Temples  :-)

More open spaces

Still in the lowlands

My ride  :-)

Nice roads...

And going up...

Passing a village

After some time we  stopped for  a break

Hilly country

Soon we were back on the road

And the road got windy and headed upward.

Nice curves


One road for everyone...

Soon the views got amazing.

Heading into a town

A lake in the highlands

We pulled off the road by the lake

Have to buy tickets

Nice grounds

Very nice

This is what i wanted to see.The temple on the lake

With its unique Balinese roof

A lake in the highlands

After a look around...

It was time to hit the road again

Less traffic , more curves

T  T Kong ?????

A short break in the hills...

Back on the road.

At the north of the island, can you see the sea ?

Passing through Singaraja

More hills to come

A we climbed up the view got better

Till in the distance we saw this...

Passing through a town in the central highlands

The main temple is large so we decided to check it out

Nice huh

Carved towers in the grounds

Unique architecture

Ponds and fountains everywhere

Is beeeeeg......


I really like this Balinese roof

Soon its back on the road as the next attraction is nearby

Getting close.

We stopped here for lunch. Right on the rim of the crater

The next 3 pics are in sequence of the volcano.L-R

Our 2nd volcano

My first attempt at stitching a panorama.This view is worth it. its a 13km by 10km caldera.
Welcome to Mount Kintamani

Click to enlarge , then click again

Its still active with fresh lava flows-in black

nice restaurant with a view.

From the volcano it was all downhill

At 1 700m the temp was cool and nice

A short rest break by a temple.

Close to the south of the island

Riding through Denpasar

Reached back, bathe, change , pool, drink & sunset   :-)

Day 3

Today is a short trip only.

To see the famous Tanah Lot temple

Its on a tiny island only connected to the mainland during low tide.

Nice huh...

Getting close

Welcome to Tanah Lot

You are allowed in only to pray

The surrounding view

After having our fill, its back for more R&R

Day 4

Today is our last day.It was spent doing a lot of this...

And this .....    :-)

Bali was really nice and the people were very friendly.
Good times.


  1. ohsemmm bos!! Rasanya kene bawak DUSKY BLACK FJR ride ke sini kot? :P


  2. wahhh.... ada gambiran on the bike... nice doc... =)

  3. Sweet holiday with ur ma'am, Brahh..