11 October 2012

Ride to Phuket & Myanmar

A couple of friends and i decided to take a short trip north.  We've been to most of the touristy spots so to make this ride interesting we planned to ride from KL-Ranong D1 about 1050km ,the next day spend half the day in Myanmar sightseeing. In the evening head to Phuket D2~390km. D3 in Phuket free and easy.And head back on Day 4 diectly from Phuket to Kl ~ 1050km..My previous longest distances were 860km 2011, 930km this year and the new record is 1050km now  :-)

Day 1

Early morning RV

2 of our rides

We set off at 5am. first rest stop at Tapah here

Another at Sungai Perak.The sun is finally out.

Me love you long time  :-) :-)

The border was full as many riders were going to the 3 nation ride in Krabi

Many many bikes

Even this

A short break after the border formalities

Thailand here we come

We're on our way                           pic by Han

Weather still cloudy                            pic by Han 

Some where near Surathani

Back on the road                       pic by Han

Off the highway the roads got narrower                    pic by Han 

And curvier                               pic by Han 

Close to our destination we saw  this

So we decided to make a rest stop here

Cool.See the rider??

Another 100km to go

Nice quiet kampung roads. Awesome FJR lights really made the difference.

Soon we reached Ranong.Checked in , unpacked and went out in search of food

All the halal shops were closed ,but the lady on the right who could speak fluent Malay took us here

Nice place

We only remembered photos after eating   :-P
Back to the hotel crash and sleep.

Day 2

The next morning we could see our surroundings.



Nice hotel

After breakfast we headed here

Why here?

Cause its the gateway to Myanmar

lighthouse or observation tower ???


While waiting for our next ride ,we decided to take some pics

Thats Myanmar behind my bike.

I'm took lazy to walk

Han rode down for more pics   .i'm lazy

Being bums we took the cart instead of walking  :-)

our ride is coming

Our first stop is here-Thahtay kyun Island

Home to the Andaman club

Looking back at Thailand

More ferries

Welcome  :-)

Standing on Myanmar soil  .HOORAH   

Nice lion

Anatomically correct ha ha  :-)


We walked around and enjoyed the sights

A last look

Time for part 2

We're headed west


Mainland Myanmar proper

A year ago i was standing at Ranong on my way back from Cambodia and i promised myself i'll stepfoot on the mainland here


Welcome to Kaw Thaung AKA Victoria point

So cool to be standing here looking at this

Welcome brothers



Streets of Kaw Thaung

Myanmar soil  :-)

We walked around,taking in the  sights

No smiles anywhere

First we went to see the king of Myanmar 

Meet his Royal Highness

The Royal View

Frontal view

Close up of the Last King of Myanmar

From there we headed to the main Pagoda

Third world alright

We would have to had taken off our shoes to go in.With boots on we said nevermind....

Close up.Nice.

A final look before leaving.

We walked down town

Cooking with a wood fire.No Coal or gas

It was damp and deary

People were really cold,sullen and wary

Going to a central market.

All the shops were open,but no-one tried to sell us anything.

All they did was just look at us

Finally we had some local coffee before leaving.Thick and sweet.

Back on the bikes through Ranong               pic by Han

Still a bit cloudy                    pic by Han 

We took one ferry back to Andaman Club,and another back to the mainland Thailand.After immigration formalities we hit the road again.

A short break.

Great Thai roads as usual.

Empty roads                         pic by Han

Todays distance is not too long                          pic by Han 

Another 100+ km to go                     pic by Han 

We finally rode into Phuket around 9pm

Traffic as bad as KL

After checking in its time for yummies 

Day 3

Early the next morning we took a look around

Passing Kata beach

To head up here

For the view, and what a view.

All around view....awesome.

From here

Then we headed here

To see Phukets big buddha

The view from the top

Inner part of the temple

I've been to the top during my last visit here last year.So this time i just sat at the bottom.

Then we headed to see more Wats

Great design and carvings

The main Wat

After looking around we headed back

To catch our next ride.

Nice islands

But packed

Also packed here

Nice beach though

We swam for a while in the clear water.

Back in the boat to the next isle

Here we anchored on the sea to snorkle for a while

Awwwwwwwwwww.  Letih ke  :-P

Fishies time

Then its of to the 3rd and final island

Nice beach again

We took a walk around

full house again

A forest of umbrellas 

Nice clear water

As usual,i'm trying to take a picture and these ladies block my view

Posing huh 

Time for contemplation

More view blokers...sheesh


Finally ,got away from those ladies ,and we headed back to the pier.

Full house again.

Back to Pa Tong we took a walk around.

Bangla Stadium ??!!?

Hard luck Cafe

Good musicians ,so so singers

Dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Not too bad

Day 4

We left Phuket around 9am                            pic by Han

Bye Bye Pa Tong                            pic by Han 

Crossing Phuket's bridge                           pic by Han 

Today was going to be long.Here we stopped along the way at an empty store front.Turns out it was a police station.Once the cops saw we were friendly,out came the cameras.

Its was really fun for all of us.

Still early

After saying goodbye we headed on our way

From the cop station we continued our way                           pic by Han

Nice limestone formations                           pic by Han 

Big huh                                 pic by Han 

A last photo before the Malaysian border.

From the above we crossed the border and headed south.We finally reached KL around midnight.
Its has been a few days hard riding but the experiences have been amazing...especially walking the streets of Myanmar..A good ride and amazing experiences.As usual now we have to decide where next  :-)