23 July 2012


For the 5th edition of KMS, tayargolek (TG) and friends planed to visit the East Coast state of Terengganu. Since the distance is greater than usual we had to plan a 2 day trip as opposed to a day ride. We planned to ride to Terengganu via the East coast highway, visit some historical places and spend the night by the beach. The following day was planned to return home via Kenyir lake, Gua Musang  - Bentong and back. Overall the trip was a lot of fun and  we got to see many many new places . 

Early moring RV at Gombak.

There were 27 bikes in this trip

Breifing by our ride leader

Along the way about 40 minutes into the ride ,one of our riders had a flat.

He had all the repair equipment ,with some assistance we were back on the road in no time.

Teamwork  :-)

We made our first stop at an R&R

After another hour on the highway we got off the highway and made a pit stop near Chukai

One of our members treated us to a great lunch :-)

Ample parking

We then made our way north. Unfortunately being a large group ,we got split from the rest.Along the way we decided to stop by the sea for a while. 

Nice huh

A sea breeze is what we needed on a hot day

On the bike .....

On reaching Kuala Terengganu we headed to our first destination - The Floating Mosque.
We rejoined the rest of the group there.

Nice huh  :-)

Nice grounds and lake.

The walkway

The mosque is built in the middle of a lake

We made a quick stop along the way to see this        ...pic by Han

Its a replica of the famous ''Batu bersurat''. To see the original we would have to go to the state muzeum so this would have to do     ......pic by Han

From there we visited our third planned destination. To see the Crystal Mosque.

Unique architecture.

FJR in front of the Crystal Mosque   :-)

Nice huh  :-)

Its situated next to the River.

We'll be on that bridge soon

A final look at this masterpiece

On the bike to visit here.

An old palace/fort

We were actually late but the caretaker let us in after some sweet talking :-)

A great old historical building

our rides and the fort

A neighbouring house

Around 8pm we reached our hotel at Batu burok Beach

After a shower it was time to enjoy our catered buffet dinner

Its been a long day, but we received word that the local chapter of bikers wanted to host us to a late supper.We gladly accepted and they escorted us from our hotel to the cafe.

Many many bikes

At first glance it looks like a BMW

Versistrada ??  :-)

The Terengganu bikers even had a banner made to welcome us.

In addition to the food and drinks they provided for us.

Thanks to the Terengganu bikers, you guys rock  :-)

Back to the hotel and crash.
Early the next day we had an early breakfast. 

I decided to look around the hotel as we checked in late last night

Great beach.

We left the hotel around 9am.
After an hours ride from the hotel we reached here.

Kenyir lake.

Ample parking and cafes.

From here the GPS guided us to Gua Musang via a Felda Plantation. Some off road fun was had  :-) 

At Gua musang we stopped for lunch and fuel.

Nice roads south.

A rest stop along the way.

On reaching the Karak toll the was a jam.   

We're on bikes  :-)

It was a really nice ride. We got to see new places, make new friends and enjoy new experiences.
Good times. 


  1. You are always ahead of Tayar Golek...heheheh


  2. takde la bro. i tulis simple je, dia detail ++ , sbb tu lambat sikit :-)

  3. Hi Griffin, when is your next overland trip...year end is coming...hehehe...hope can ride with u...saferide mate