27 June 2012

Krabi & Pak Bara

Its been 6 months since my last cross border ride. Hence a few friends and me decided to take a few days off and explore some places in Thailand. We planned to ride to Krabi in one go. Spend the next day exploring . On the third day ride to Pak Bara and on the fourth and last day ride home. We were lucky to have great weather throughout and that made the riding and views awesome. It was a good 4 days that should carry us on till the next trip.

Early morning RV

As it was going to be a long day, we stopped often to pace ourselves.

Eye candy

As usual we stopped at Gurun for the paperwork for the Thai side.

Riding in Kedah                        ...pic by Han

Crossing the border was painless.A short break here.

After about an hour we stopped again. The total distance planned for today was 860km.

Lovely Thai roads.

This is taken after Trang.

Only 3 bikes. In the traffic and windy roads of Trang ,  Han was the last man and got separated from the group. We tried to wait for him in 2 different places and message and call ,but we couldn't get in touch with him. After waiting in Trang close to an hour we decided to head for Krabi , about 150km away. 
I was not too worried as he is experienced in Thai roads and he has a GPS .And we figured that he would head to our hotel in Krabi.

Getting dark.We try not to ride at night ,but because of the waiting in Trang we had to continue at night.

Finally reached the hotel. And Han was there . Every one was quite relieved.

After the long ride , we had a good dinner and crash.
The next day we could see what the hotel looks like.

Streets of Krabi.

Breakfast near our hotel.

Back at the hotel we regrouped to plan our day..

While walking to the beach , Snooke contemplated upgrading from his Versys  ;-)

Almost at the beach.

A couple of bikes pulled up.

Hmmmmmmm, that guy looks familiar 

They knew we were Malaysians ,so mutual greetings led to us going over to say hi.

Meet Awie. One of Malaysia's A list singers and actor . For being such a star, he was very friendly , and relaxed and simple. No airs. Our respect for him really shot up after meeting him here.

They have been travelling around Malaysia and Thailand shooting their next movie.

We watched for a while as they continued rolling.

And their off .We again met up with them that night. No pics though .

First view of the sea at Krabi.

We are going that a way.

Walking along the way we met these guys. We had a nice chat  but due to lack of time we had to say our good byes. Nice meeting you Sabri  and  friends.

Our ride for the day.

Longtail boat.We hired the whole thing ourselves. 

Thats what we were all doing  :-)

Heading towards Rayleigh beach.

Huge limestone formations.

Our ride  :-)

nice beach. High tide though.

Trying to take a picture and this girl blocks the way   :-) 

We are going to swim here soon  :-)

First we are going   to  check out the cave ahead. No pictures published though- 18SX

No thank you  :-)

Nice huh

Ok boys, time to swim  ;-)

After a good hour in the water we headed here- Poda island.

White beaches 

Aiyo. View being blocked again

Our 3rd stop was Tup island with its sandbank between the 2 islands. 

Opposing waves form a really unique sandbank.

Berth right on the sandbank.

Fishies  :-)

After a day out on the Andaman sea we headed back to the Krabi jetty.

Last view of the jetty

We hopped on to our next  ride to continue our journey

Eggs on a stick  ????

Crystal clear waters as we walked 800m to....

The Emerald pool Krabi.

Clear waters, so inviting... 

Ok boys, time to jump in again  :-)

A last look at this amazing pool before we leave.

After a nice dinner , it was time to take in the sights..

The next day we took our bikes to the beach             .........pic by Han

Krabi ride  2012    :-)      ............  pic by Han

After a last look at the sea off  Krabi we continued our journey.
A rest stop along the way here.

Lovely roads heading south          ..pic by Han

our ride this day was not too long ~ about 250km only.


Nice Thai roads.

Soon we reached our destination of Pak  Bara

Barra Resort

Rustic huh 

Not tooooooooo  bad  ;-)

After unpacking first we hit the beachside.

Streets of Pak Bara

4 bikes in Thailand :-)

My baby  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  

Time for some food

By the beach- nice

Our surroundings at this restaurant.

With a cool sea breeze

Yummy   :-)

After a slow lunch we hit the pier.
Nice huh 

From here it was back to the hotel and crash.Long day tomorrow.

Breakfast at the hotel

Nice pond

Bye bye Pak Bara

time to ride     ..... pic by Han

We decided to hit a different border crossing         .....pic by Han

Pasar malam Wang Kelian  aka  international border  :-)

Back in Malaysia we stopped for some food

Looking back at the hills of Wang Kelian

Overlander's Bike  :-)

Riding through Perlis and Kedah  we had some great views        .....pic by Han

A last pic at an R&R

Thanks guys for the great trip.Fun ,riding and exploring.
Now to plan for the next  :-)


  1. Thanks for organizing bro!
    veli nai lide..bekfat! :P

  2. Thanks for the great ride bro :-)

  3. Hi Griffin -- nice to meet you all (Han , Afiq n others ) in ao nang beach krabi on 22/6/12. Since this is the first time we travel by road to thailand , information in your blog and tayargolek helping us alot bro !!! Say hi to Han, Afiq n others.KEEP ON ROLLIN' BRO!!!!!!!!! Regards, Sabri and friends.

  4. Hi Griffin,

    nice meet you too guys!!!since we are the first time travel by road in thailand , informations in your blog and tayargolek.com helping us a lot in doing our homework !Keep it up bro!!!Say hi to Han and others..see yaaaa!
    regards, sabri and friends ( ao nang beach on 22/6/12)

    1. Hi Sabri. Hopefully one day you can join us on our rides. Take care bro.

  5. Great Journey dude...!
    Look the distance from KL to Thailand become short and shorter!

  6. kap kun ka...-apit-

    1. Sama sama bro. Thanks for the great company :-)

  7. That's a wonderful journey & thanks for the guide.

  8. That's a wanderful journey & thanks for the useful guide guys.