23 May 2012


In our first ride to visit historical places(KMS 1) there were 3 of us. KMS 2 -16 ,  KMS 3 - 15 , and for this ride KMS 4 ............wait for it .....................46 bikes  :-0 
We planned our first RV at the Seremban RR . From there we plan to ride to Melaka and meet more bikers at the Ayer Keroh RR. From there we will head to the center of Melaka's historical city to see the most famous landmarks .We were lucky that a group of Melaka Bikers took the time to escort us through Melaka city , and they really took good care of us. From good marshalling , to taking us sightseeing , to escorting us to see a very unique sight that we didn't even think of .Thank you Melaka bikers - you guys rock  :-)

 Early morning RV at Seremban RR

We didn't know how many bikes were going to turn up as this ride was open to all.
The bikes kept coming ....and coming ....

Nice colour

A buddy's spanking brand new Versys 1000

Around 8am we set off              - pic by Han

Just a part of the view i had as i was the last bike            -pic by Han

Mua  :-)                                           pic by Han

Great weather, great roads and no traffic ...bliss             -pic by Han

Pretty soon we reached our 2nd Rv point.
It was quite a sight seeing so many bikes in one place  :-)

A place to make new friendships and renew old ones

Soon we headed out ...to Melaka City                 - pic by Han

Its a good thing we were early , 46 bikes through the narrow streets of Melaka        - pic by Han

Thanks to the great escort by the Melaka Bikers  no one got lost and its was an easy ride in       - pic by Han  

They also took us to the best place to park  ;-)

The trishaw - staple mode of transport for ages. Now a tourist attraction.

An old plane in the city center  :-)

Look at that  :-)

Time to start walking. Here's where my side boxes and top box comes in handy  :-)

Stamp museum housed in an old building

Further down the road we came upon an old excavation site.

Bastion house

Man toys

The icon of Melaka city, the A Famosa

you feeling lucky ,punk ?

From the A Famosa we had to walk up there.

A group photo before we walk up.

Another old building around the corner

Going to start some unwanted exercise

Half way up. Old supporting walls.

The view from half way up.

An old Dutch tomb

The old church.Mainly in ruins now.

Part of the view from the top of the hill.

The next few photos are of the church proper and the old remains/headstones in side.

Views from the side.

An old limo in a neighbouring building

A last look before heading down

At the base we saw 

these two cool old war machines.

Then we proceeded to the Stadhuys

Dutch influence


A very old church

Stadhuys- An old Dutch building

After overloading on history we stopped to partake of some of the famous Melaka Cendol.

Another group photo before more walking.

A potrait of Melaka's founder-Parameswara

An old photo of this place

An old crane .its the one from the picture above .

A couple of minutes away we came to this place

The Malacca fort.

Cool huh  :-)

Next to the river there was this old waterwheel

Ok.Enough of history.The Melaka bikers took us off roading.               pic by Han

Deep sand in some parts.Not fun with a 650 pound FJR.                 pic by Han

but worth it.

To see this  :-)

Uber  cool

We tried to tip it over.Too heavy   :-(


A stop at a very nice mosque for my Muslims friends to fulfill their afternoon prayers.

With a great view of the Malacca straits

Then the Melaka bikers brought us here for lunch.
I only remembered to take a pic half way during lunch.


Malaysia has many awesome and interesting places  and we are only just scratching the surface.
Melaka rocks.