01 May 2012

KMS 3- For the 3rd edition of our Kembara Mengejar Sejarah we decided to ride in our own backyard  as the last edition was a real endurance ride where we reached home at 10pm.
For this ride we planned to go see the Istana Bandar(Royal Palace ) in Jugra. From there we will head up the hill to see the lighthouse and the viewing  point from which we can see the Malacca Straits. Following this we will head to Carey Island to see the Hatters Castle - the beach - and finally to see the Indigenous people(Orang asli) , the Mah Meri tribe. 

Early morning RV

Briefing by our ride leader.

Lining up to get our convoy on the road.             pic by Han

We generally don't have formal rides with convoys ,but as we are going to pass through many traffic lights and with a large number of bikes ,we had to semi formalise the ride to ensure no one gets lost or left behind.

pic by Han

After about an hour we reached our first destination.

Initially the gate was locked ,but after some sweet talking we managed to get it opened for us  :-)

Istana Alaeddin / Istana Bandar - built in 1905

Some history

We went around the Castle admiring the architecture from a different time.

After enjoying this gem we headed out again.         pic by Han's tripod   :-)

Not too far away after riding up hill somewhat we reached here.

For this...........

And this.....

An awesome  panoramic view of the Malacca straits.

Thats Carey Island on the right there.

Jugra light house hill

After taking in the view and the sea breeze we headed down and north.
Here we stopped on the bridge linking Carey island and the mainland            pic by Han


Oue first stop was here

1920s built and still strong

Lovely timber floors

Verendah for the white planters

Nice huh.

Large landscaped lawns

See the nice hot weather

Carey island ''beach''

The temperature here according to my bike meter was 115F  or 46.1 C

Its like being in the middle east 

Thank  god for the sea breeze.

After really hydrating ourselves at the beach ,we headed to our last stop of the Mah Meri village.

The Arts and Crafts/ Cultural center

Not so authentic as this is mainly for toursit

Further down the road we met this guy. now this is authentic.

Master craftsman hard at work. Very nice guy.

Across the road was the weaving centre for women. The wood carving in only done by the men.

Curing the leaves.

A place to rest,work and eat. This is the real village life.

No playstation for this boys. A simpler life but harder though.

After visiting all this places we rode to Klang for a late lunch and then  made our way home.
From the time the ride started to one hour after reaching home i drank 5 liters of water and that was just to replace the water lost due to the heat.
The ride was good and interesting and the guys were a good bunch and many new friendships were made.
Now we have to plan for KMS 4 ...suggestions ??

Cheers .

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