23 April 2012

Teluk Cempedak , Kuantan

Needed a break so me and my wife headed east.About two and a half hours from KL we reached here.
Most holidays its go here and go there and at the end of the vacation you are even more tired than before. So this trip was planned to be eat, sleep and rest only. 

Nice hotel.

Nicer view.

Dumped our bags in the room and headed down.

To see the amazing beach at Teluk Cempadak ,Kuantan. 

People go all over the world to enjoy a beach holiday. We are lucky to have some of the most beautiful beaches here in Malaysia.

The ''Perahu'' beach bar. This is the actual boat that sailed from Vietnam and the refugees landed right here at this spot. cool.


The whole trip was spent here. 

For once i actually got some R&R

Left the FJR at home for once and took my other baby out  :-)

Now i have to check how many speeding tickets i can add to my collection :-)


  1. nice trip bro.. -APIT-

  2. What's the name of the hotel?

  3. @Apit - thanks bro :-)

    @Kee Leong - hyatt

  4. I baru jer pegi this place 3 weeks ago. memang best Hyatt Regency ni..
    nice trip bro. :)

  5. I know it maybe too late but your pictures are awsome!!!