04 April 2011

Ride to Songkla and Betong

For more than a year my good friend Han of tayargolek fame and i have been planning to take a ride to Thailand together. Due to the usual life commitments the plan was put on hold.This time around our timings could mesh so we planned a ride up north. The plan was to ride to Songkla lake and spend a night there and then ride to Betong the next day. As the situation in southern Thailand is still fragile we decided to exit Thailand via Dan Nok and re-enter Thailand via Pengkalan Hulu. 
2 other riders came along making it a total of 4 riders. The 1st day was a bit cloudy and some parts were having heavy rains but we kept on going. On reaching Songkla it was cloudy but we still had a good time.
The next day had a brighter sky and the ride to Betong was great.After checking in we took in the sights from touristy places to the local attractions  : )

Early morning RV.

2 Verseys , 1 ER6n  & 1 FJR

Weather still ok
Bike still shiney

Somewhere in northern Perak where we got an unplanned bike wash.

Met some other bikers at the Gurun R&R

Big Beautiful Black Baby

After crossing the border we stopped for lunch at Dannok.
Pattaya fried rice...

Thai food is great !

Our hotel in Songkla. Very nice .

Samila beach.

Looking out on the South China Sea

After the beach we went to see the Songkla mermaid and the Naga.
Didn't post pics as have done so many times previously .

The next morning before leaving for Betong we paid a visit to the island of Koh Yo located right in the first part of the Songkla lake.

Still a bit damp.

Tinsunalonda Bridge. Supposed to be the longest bridge in Thailand     

Trying to figure out our next route .......pic by Han

A small part of the great Songkla lake in the early dew filled morning.

Misty early morning Thai scenery    .......pic by Han

Looks like rain , actually misty morning....  pic by Han

A break in Sadao 

On the way to Baling. 

The Betong border 

I've been looking for this place for a long time and thanks to dakar rider i finally managed to find it.
Thats a beautiful statue.    

More dragons 

Nice huh?    click to enlarge 

All that was on the grounds of this lovely building. 

And what a view...... 

Some places of interest in Betong. 
The largest post box.. 

Iron steeds at rest 

Mongkolit tunnels from the days of the Malaysian communist emergency

Its a tourist attraction now. Nice grounds.

Betong hot springs


On the way to Gerik...................pic by Han

Early the next day on the way back. A rest stop in Gerik . 

Tasik (Lake) Raban                  .........pic by Han

Truly great roads between Gerik and Kuala Kangsar. 

Riding the great Malaysian freeways         ............pic by Han

Pit stop. The temp in the shade according to my bike instruments was 109F 

This is how i roll ....       : )                          pic by Han

Thanks to the extreme heat and fatigue no more pics were taken on the way back. Overall it was a great ride.
Good food, good guys , good roads and good views make a great ride .


  1. Cayalah bro.. Songkran nanti naik mana pulak?
    At last.. Han lepas jugak ke border siam. wa caya lu guys.. Mesti Han tengah busy update tayargolek ni..

  2. Thanks bro. Memang good ride. Masa Songkran keje lah bro, visa dekat2 takboleh ; )

  3. wuhuuuuuuuuuu..!! dah published!! i loike.. :D
    Thanks for the fun ride bro..looking fwd for the next ride soon..hehe


  4. Ringkas je bro. Thanks for organising everything bro. Ride yang memang bes . No 1 : )

  5. wow.... nice pictures.... bila la kita boleh ride sama?? havent fully recovered from fracture in the small of my back so riding is on hold for now...

  6. Thanks sis . If any ride or tts can pm me on FB.
    ride safe sis .

  7. i thought semua area betong i dah explore.. macam mana boleh miss itu lady mermaid.. kat area mana tempat ni bro? tak penah sampai sana lagi ni..

  8. Sebelum masuk pekan Betong belah kiri ada ? college of arts -tak sure nama dia.Tapi boleh nampak bangunan atas bukit.Kalau nak GPS coordinate saya boleh sms bro.